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Neeko jungle confirmed?

LoL Patch 13.10: Neeko Will Receive Buffs For The Jungle

Champions 10-05-2023 18:00
Winter Wonder Neeko
LoL Patch 13.10: Did Neeko really need buffs in the jungle? | © Riot Games

Neeko just received a mid-scope update and now Riot is going to be buffing the champion as well for the jungle role. Her most popular role has become the jungle since her Mid-Scope went live and while her win rate hasn't been the greatest, Riot wants to improve that by buffing her in the upcoming patch.

Neeko's Mid-Scope has landed well with the community, even if it's just to play around and walk around Summoner's Rift as an unsuspecting minion. But the win rate has not been that great, hence why Riot is going to help her out a little. 

LoL Patch 13.10: Neeko Jungle Is Getting Buffed

Neeko's jungle kit is getting some love from Riot in the upcoming patch. Does she need it? Maybe, but most players do believe that since her Mid-Scope has gone live, Neeko actually hasn't been half bad with a decen clear and great ganking potential. 

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Riot on the other hand is going to give Neeko some love by buffing her Q, W and ultimate in the upcoming patch. The monster damage on her Q and W have been increased, while the AP ratio on her ultimate was also improved. With these changes, Riot hopes to bring Neeko's abysmal 41% win rate in the jungle up. 

Neeko is one of the most fun champions to play right now thanks to the update to her passive which lets her turn into anything on the rift. It's also made her quite dangerous, since players have to be afraid at every turn. 

The Mid-Scope Update has revitalized the champion and improved her popularity, but it's also made her one of the most banned champions in the game at over 23%. These buffs are not going to help that and will likely increase her ban rate even. 

The Neeko buffs will ship in LoL Patch 13.10 along with all the other fun item changes we've got on the rift. 

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