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He is just getting called out left right and center

Tyler1 In Trouble Again: In-Game Behavior Revealed

More 09-05-2023 19:35
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LoL: Tyler1 just can't seem to catch a break, eh? | © Tyler1

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has been making quite the headlines lately. After calling out Thebausffs for his playstyle, and finally making it to Challenger on the EUW server, screenshots of his in-game and post-game behavior have leaked online. 

Now, even more evidence of his toxic behavior has been presented online and gone viral, with everyone and their mother weighing in on the subject. The most recent evidence was revealed on May 8, 2023 and has made it to the front page of Reddit, with another discussion of toxicity getting kicked off. 

Tyler1's Toxic Behavior Revealed Online

Tyler1 is known to be toxic and very loud on stream, but it seems that even when he is off camera he might take things and comments a little bit too far. One Reddit recently played a game with Tyler. Let's just say that neither had a good time that game. 

According to the Reddit post, Tyler had wanted his team to ban Draven, which they didn't do. Then, in the first few minutes they got invaded with one kill going over to the enemy support. 

How does Tyler react? He wasted his flash, goes back and sells his items, only to buy AP items instead – as Nautilus. He also spammed chat, basically stating that the game was over and they'd already lost. 

These screenshots of the chat, items and a VOD of the beginning of the game have prompted players to once again debate whether Riot is actually going to punish Tyler for his behavior, though most have already given up, due to the popularity of the streamer. 

One Redditor summed it up like this: 

As “mad” as he said Riot is at him, he has them by the balls, and they’re basically just impotent to do anything about it. Either willingly or unwillingly they do turn a blind eye to his accounts.

This just goes to show that many players just don't believe that famous content creators like Tyler will get any punishment from Riot for their behavior, which means he will likely just continue his current behavior. 

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