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LoL Patch 13.13: Varus Receives New Voice Over

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LoL Patch 13.13: Varus' new VO is incredible! | © Riot Games

Riot has been working on revitalizing some of the older champions in League of Legends, either through Art and Sustainability Updates or complete overhauls with Visual and Gameplay Updates. Now they're also going to add some new voice overs as well. 

Earlier this year, Riot released a new voice over for Nidalee, right before the release of the new supprot champion MIlio, who also comes from Ixtal. Now, in LoL Patch 13.13, Riot is also going to release the new voice over for Varus. 

LoL Patch 13.13: New Voice Lines For Varus Revealed

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Varus is going to be getting some new voice lines in LoL Patch 13.13. The champion was released in 2012, has gotten a huge overhaul and some new lore, but now Riot is trying to make LoL Varus and Legends of Runeterra Varus align more. 

With the new voice lines, we get to see more of his inner struggle due to him basically being 3-in-1. Varus' lore states that the Darkin was cast away and hidden in a temple, only to be found by two hunters, Kai and Valmar. Kai was mortally wounded and in a last ditch effort, Valmar threw himself and Kai into a well of forbidden magic.

Want to know more about the Darkin? We've got you covered:

The pair was completely consumed by the magic, their forms melding into one, creating the vessel for Varus as we know it today. This struggle is shown throughout the voice lines. 

Not only is there inner struggle within Varus, but there are also interesting interactions with other Darkin champions as well. We all know the famous Aatrox voice line where he talks about the double vowel "memo" all Darkin received, but Varus finally shuts him up with his own reply. 

Aatrox, brother. The double A thing is absurd, and you know it. 

He also pokes fun at the constant struggle Rhaast faces with his own chosen vessel, Kayn. 

Rhaast, perhaps we should warn our siblings about Ionian vessels. 

There are also some voice lines in which refers to other Darkin characters that we only know thanks to the Darkin expansion in Legends of Runeterra like Xolaani and Taarosh. Of course, the most exciting is likely the voice lines for Naafiri, since she is set to be released soon. 

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Naafiri, you claim unity is power. Power within me and against our enemies... Let us see... together. 

These voice lines indicate that Naafiri's release is closer than we might think. The new voice over really turned out well to give Varus some more depth and to streamline his lore and character over all the different Riot IPs. 

Now wich champion is going to be getting some love from Riot next with a new voice over or a slight update? We know Zyra is getting some QoL changes in Patch 13.13, so maybe some new VO for her as well? 

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