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League of Legends: Soul Fighter Skins For Big Summer Event Leaked

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League of Legends Skins: Samira would be perfect for this skin line. | © Riot Games

Every summer, Riot releases a big in-game event with a lot of skins, some fun in-client events and other goodies. 2023 is no different from previous years, only this time Riot has promised something big... a brand-new game mode as well as a never before seen skin line. 

Recently, some details regarding the big Summer 2023 event skin line in League of Legends have leaked online. What champions will get new skins and how are they going to tie into the upcoming 2v2v2v2 game mode that Riot is releasing alongside the event? 

LoL Skin Leaks: The Summer Event Skin Theme Has Been Revealed – Soul Fighters

Known leaker, BigBadBear recently released a video in which he outlined the theme of the upcoming skin line that will be released with the summer event later this year. This year we've already got two brand-new skin lines with Faerie Court and Inkshadow and a third is set to release. 

BigBadBear stated that the new skin line would be called 'Soul Fighters' even showing concept art of Yasuo and Lux. According to a description of the Soul Fighter skins, this is a "battle-themed" skin line, which would fit perfectly with the theme of the upcoming new game mode. 

According to the flavor text of the skin theme there is a "Tournament of Souls" in which players participate using their own Soul Power to compete for the grand prize of the Soul Gem, which can grant any wish they want. Sounds pretty cool right? 

Now you have to keep in mind that these are leaks and any information can be changed ahead of release! So take all information witha  grain of salt. 

Have The Champions For The Soul Fighter Skins Been Revealed? 

So far, two champions have been leaked for the skin line. One is Samira, whom many fans had hoped would receive a skin, while the other is Pyke. Pyke received his second legendary skin in 2022, as well as a mythic skin so it's interesting to see him get another skin in a big new skin line. 

Samira is rumoured to be the champion receiving a new Legendary+ skin as well. This is a new skin tier Riot is introducing which would be more expensive than a legendary, but not on the same level as an ultimate skin. 

TFT Assets Leak Soul Fighter Champions

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Riot have done it themselves and also leaked some of the skins thanks to Soul Fighter emotes being part of the new TFT update. So, who do we know will be getting some skins? Of course, Samira is getting an emote, but there are a few other champions as well. 

  • Soul Fighter Sett
  • Soul Fighter Gwen

Have also received their own emotes in the TFT assets. SkinSpotlights who data mined these emotes also stated that there is a GenericFemale#1 who could represent Lux, so we could be seeing a new Lux skin as well in this universe. 

Expected Release Date For Soul Fighter Skins

There is no official release yet set for these skins, but leakers do predict that these skins will be coming around LoL Patch 13.14. This means they could go on the Public Beta Environment on June 27, 2023 and go live two-weeks later. This coincides with previous summer events as well. 

With the LoL midseason update as well underway, it would make sense to have such a big event release a few patches after all the balance changes that Riot has planned. 

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