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Kai'Sa is likely still going to be pretty strong.

LoL Patch 13.15 Kai'Sa Nerfs Have Players Concerned

Champions 25-07-2023 14:30
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LoL Patch 13.15 will nerf Kai'Sa but fans don't think it's enough. | © Riot Games

Kai'Sa is the go-to champion in the bot lane right now and recently, Riot revealed their plans to nerf this popular champion. With the release of the numbers though, some fans are pretty concerned and confused. 

Kai'Sa is one of the best champions in the game thanks to her unique AP build. You can play her in the bot lane or the mid lane as well as in any elo. That's why she is being hit with the nerf hammer, but most players don't think it's enough. 

LoL Patch 13.15: Kai'Sa Nerfs Are Not Enough Players Think

Kai'Sa will be receiving some pretty interesting nerfs in the upcoming League of Legends patch. Her Q and W are being targeted for these changes, with her Q taking a much bigger hit than her W, which has some players pretty upset. 

Her Q is going to go from a 30% AP ratio to 20%, while her W will simply reduce the cooldown refund from 77% to 75%. 

Her W is the ability most players think of when they think of AP Kai'Sa. It's the long range missile which can enable her to utilize her ultimate from far away and that deals insane poke damage. If you evolve her W and you manage to land it on a target it's also got 0 cooldown basically. 

Therefore the W cooldown refund nerf seems like nothing more than a slap on the wrist for most players and that's got most of them pretty upset with these changes and nerfs, thinking that Riot isn't doing enough to stop Kai'Sa from being the most dominant champion out there. 

The real nerf is to her Q, which will have significantly less damage after the nerf goes live. Reddit user SocialistScissors explained it best: 

Reminder to everyone that Kai'sa's Q AP ratio isn't really 30%. It is 30% per pellet, reduced to 7.5% for subsequent pellets on the same target. This will go down to 20% + 5% per subsequent pellet. It's a pretty hard nerf to her Q when you build AP, but it is warranted.

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So this could mean that Riot does not want to stop players from spamming W, but it will be harder to proc her passive with the slight nerf to it. So, while most people are freaking out over the still, low cooldown on W, Kai'Sa will be weaker due to her Q doing a lot less damage than before. 

These changes could make Kai'Sa players choose between either poke builds or DPS builds when they pick the champion. But these nerfs likely won't completely remove her from relevance either which is good. 

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