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These Vayne buffs though....

LoL Patch 13.6: Devs Making Sure Vayne Won't Become Problem In Top Lane

Champions 15-03-2023 21:00
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LoL Patch 13.6: These Vayne buffs are looking kind of spicey. | © Riot Games

Vayne is getting some buffs in League of Legends Patch and while my co-worker told me that he'd recently just celebrated her low win rate, it's time to face the truth – Vayne is going to slowly creep her way back into the meta.

Riot is keeping an eye on the bot lane markswoman though, especially with her top lane power. Vayne is always a dangerous pick in the top lane thanks to her tank shredding abilities, but will she be too powerful with these buffs? That's what Riot is going to keep an eye on. 

LoL Patch 13.6: Vayne Buffs Could Make Her Great Top Lane Pick

While Riot does believe that ADC's are a little too OP right now, they are buffing two of them in the upcoming LoL Patch 13.6. Both Ashe and Vayne will be receiving some buffs to make them more viable, while nerfing ADC items and runes, instead of picking at the highest prio picks right now and nerfing them. 

Hopefully Riot nerfs these two champions:

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One buff that had some fans worried is Vayne's movement speed buff. She gains even mroe move speed with her ultimate, but Lead Designer on the LoL Balance Team, Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison, has explained on Twitter that the move speed buff will not affect her ultimate.

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Vayne will have more movement speed from her passive, but her ultimate movement speed will be unchanged and stay the same.  

Especially top laners are shaking in their boots due to these buffs to movement speed, wondering whether their whole existence will be made a living hell by Vayne once more. 

One Twitter user noted that the movement speed buff will be most relevant in the first five levels of the laning phase for Vayne and will only come into play depending on how well she managed to lane. If she had a bad laning phase, then the movement speed buffs will be irrelevant, since well... Vayne is going to be irrelevant. 

Phroxzon also warned that if Vayne becomes too overpowered in the top lane, then there will be some changes coming to her that will dissuade top laners from picking her. He also noted that the team will be looking to see how the changes to her rank 1 W and Q max changes will affect Vayne in the coming patch. 

Is Vayne going to be a viable top lane pick or continue to be a troll pick with these changes? 

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