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League of Legends: Players Believe Orianna Needs A Visual Update

League of Legends: She might look good in splash arts, but not in the game. | © Riot Games

Orianna is over 10-years old and hasn't received much of any visual updates, which has some fans wondering when she will finally get her time to shine. Players took to Reddit to discuss her in-game model and how it needs an overhaul. 

League of Legends champions are supposed to fulfill an in-game fantasy, but with her current model, fans believe that Orianna is doing the exact opposite. How do they wish Riot finally update her? 

League of Legends Players Feel Orianna Does Not Look Like A Ballerina

In a Reddit post, a user outlined how Orianna looks anything but a ballerina, which she is supposed to be. Instead, she walks hunched over, legs wide apart, almost like a hooligan going to their favorite pub in South London. 

Orianna might have to face off against the new mid laner soon:

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Orianna did receive a small update to her abilities last year, but that was merely to the visual effects of her abilities. Her walk, homeguard and spell animations have not been touched and therefore look extremely old and outdated.

She walks with both legs as far apart as possible, her chest bent forward, neck bent forward as well and her arms to the side in front of her. She literally walks as if she's about to throw down some punches or something. Same goes for her spell animations as well, besides her E animation, everything feels like just random robot caster animations.

Another Reddit user echoed the initial poster's concern, explaining that she walks nothing like a dancer and that her posture is the complete opposite of what anyone who trains to be a ballerina learns. 

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While Orianna shouldn't be as graceful as a real ballerina, since she is supposed to be very robotic, Riot could have at least given her better posture or at least attempt to make her look like she is trying to walk with some form of grace. 

Getting the balance between robotic and graceful is what players are hoping for with Orianna in the future. Unfortunately for any Orianna mains out there, Riot has not made any indication of giving her an ASU or any other type of rework just yet. 

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