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Is she too strong now?

LoL Patch 13.7: Players Discuss Whether Kata Buffs Make Her OP

Champions 31-03-2023 15:40
Faerie Court Katarina Splash
LoL Patch 13.7: Katarina was buffed and now some players worry she might be too OP. | © Riot Games

Sometimes players look at specific champions and the buffs they receive in an upcoming patch and scratch their heads in wonder. Champions like Katarina and Yasuo in Patch 13.7 will be getting buffed and everyone knows that the majority of the community hates these champions and playing against them. 

Therefore, some players on Reddit have wondered whether the upcoming buffs to Kata's ultimate are really going to be game changing and making her the most banned champion in the mid lane. 

LoL Patch 13.7: Is Katarina Actually Broken? 

One Redditor broke down how the new buffs to Katarina could impact the game, explaining that new on-hit and attack speed builds could completely ruin this champion and make it impossible to counter her. While her AD scaling has been lowered, the more attack speed she has, the better her scaling will be. 

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With Katarina dealing, not only, magic damage, but also true damage and attack damage she has everything you'd want in her kit. With on-hit Katarina also being a thing, there is literally no bad build on this champion and the only way to stop her is through hard CC before she can do anything according to Reddit user Kordben

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In the post he linked to a video showcasing Katarina's full damage on the PBE, which many players have refuting, stating that the source used comes from someone who stages their PBE content videos, while also pointing out that in real game situations, Katarina barely reaches her full potential. 

Redditor JWARRIOR1 wrote:

You’re showing full Katarina ult damage which on paper looks like a lot, but it’s super rare Katarina can just stand there in a full fight fully channeling her R. Miss Fortune ult does even more damage, isn’t limited to 3 champs, and isn’t even good rn either.

Other players also noted that playing On-Hit Katarina may do a lot of damage in fights, but she does struggle in lane when compared to other builds people usually run on her, thus making the update to her AD negligent in the grand scheme of things. People will not go full on-hit on Katarina in most cases. 

So, even though Katarina is one of the most feared assassin's in League of Legends she currently sits at a 49.31% win rate, which is what Riot wants to boost with these buffs. Whether they will impact her gameplay will be seen when LoL Patch 13.7 goes live on April 6, 2023. 

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