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"You F*cking Failures" LoL Streamer Tyler1 Cusses Out Riot Games

More 30-03-2023 17:05
Tyler1 Mad EUW
LoL: Tyler1 hasn't been having a great time on the EUW server. | © Riot Games

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp is probably one of the most well-known personalities in League of Legends. Such fame also comes with downsides though, which means his account, no matter which server he's on, is visible to the general public and also known by most LoL players. 

Recently, Tyler has made his way to Europe, challenging himself to reach the highest League of Legends rank – Challenger – on the EUW LoL Server. His climb hasn't been going as well as he might have hoped, two weeks after his start he still hasn't gotten close to Challenger. 

LoL Tyler1 Loses Cool On Stream

Due to his immense popularity, Tyler1 often encounters a multitude of griefers and trolls. Having to play in these conditions is difficult at any elo, but having to play alongside them almost every game will lead to someone getting extremely upset. T1's mid laner Faker is also known to encounter trolls very often, due to his immense popularity. 

Unlike Faker though, Tyler1 will not calmly let out his frustration, but rather shout and lash out while on stream. Recently, after a round of bad matches, Tyler checked a certain player he noticed on his team, only to realized that the same player had been trolling in other matches with Tyler1. 

The player had been reported and even received a suspension by Riot for running it down and griefing. Then, a single appeal caused the player to get unbanned, which is where Tyler lost his cool and simply exploded. 

All Riot Games across the world, you all are stealing money you useless pieces of shit. Every job, every person, every position that has to do with player behavior and that has to do with balancing and the client, you all are motherfuckers that deserve nothing good in life.

Due to the player having received a ban previously and then quickly getting unbanned, Tyler decided to attack the developer and the teams behind player behaviour themselves. 

At 442 LP in Masters rank, Tyler1 is still a ways off from Challenger and if his game environment, it will be pretty difficult for him to reach the rank as only autofilled. Do you think Tyler1 will make it before his trip in Europe is over? 

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