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The forgotten champion is finally getting some love!

LoL Patch 13.9 Buffs Finally Breathe Life Into Trundle

Champions 30-04-2023 09:30
Fright Night Trundle
LoL Patch 13.9: This is a buff Trundle desperately needed. | © Riot Games

There is one champion that has been forgotten in League of Legends and while most players would probably argue that it's Yorick then... yes I would have to agree, but unfortunately, Riot didn't give him any love in LoL Patch 13.9, instead giving that honor to another long forgotten champion – Trundle. 

Just a few small buffs have made the Trundle community pretty hype, and for good reason, because this champion has been suffering with mana issues for a while and that is exactly what Riot is going to be buffing in the upcoming LoL Patch. 

LoL Patch 13.9: Trundle Receives Meaningful Buffs

Trundle is a champion that can be played in multiple roles, but is most often played in the jungle, while his support and top lane builds tend to suffer. But not anymore! Trundle received two small base-stat buffs that are going to be doing wonders for the champion in solo queue. 

The first is a slight attack speed increase, which is always nice to see, especially when his dance scales with attack speed as well. The second buff is the big one and the one the community is most excited for, since it'll finally tackle a key issue the champion has experienced for a while. 

This is how you can master Trundle in the top lane:

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Trundle's base mana has been increased from 281 to 340. Now that's a 20% increase and it might scare off some players who don't main this champion, but this isn't as bad for other players. Trundle has some of the worst base mana pool as well as horrible mana growth, which means that after using his Q a few times he's out of mana in the mid game as well, when for most champion mana is not an issue anymore. 

Many champions that are too strong early have their base mana nerfed, but their mana growth increased to have them at a decent level during the mid game, something which Trundle didn't have, meaning he always had to suffer with mana issues, but this buff should alleviate this. 

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