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"Spending Time On An Unfixable Problem Is A Waste" - LoL Players Are Done With Yuumi

Champions 13-03-2023 21:40
Yuumi and Gnar Legends of Runeterra
LoL: Yuumi is getting update after update, but what about the other champions in League? | © Riot Games

Yuumi continues to be a massive problem on Summoner's Rift, as Riot looks to make even more adjustments. But it seems that the League of Legends community has had enough of the cat and wish that Riot would finally look another champions way. 

On a recent Reddit thread, the LoL community banded together to go over their issues with Yuumi continuously getting balance changes. Not because they hate the champion, but because they hate the lack of attention other champions are getting. 

LoL Players Want Riot To Work On Other Champions

Let's be real here guys. Yuumi is the bane of our existence in League, right? She's annoying, is untargetable and even though Riot has tried to make her better and get her out of pro play and high elo, it feels like she's just as unbalanced as before the rework. 

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Recently, Riot Truexy did an ask me anything on the Yuumi subreddit where he addressed some of the issues she's still got and even revealed that they will continue to monitor her new kit, as well as update anything that might have missed the mark in the rework. 

This has some fans pretty upset though, since they feel that Yuumi can never be fixed and therefore it's useless to continue to change her and monitor her, as long as the 'broken' part of her kit is not completely removed. 

Deep down we know Yuumi will never be 'fixed' as long as the untargetabilty remains. It's a conceptual problem. No tweaks will fix it. [...] Since we sadly live in a world with limited resources, the truth is just that: Spending game design resources on Yuumi means less resouces on literally every other part of game design.

Fans think that Riot should allocate some resources to focus on other champions that are also in dire need of reworks, as well as some love from Riot. For example, champions like Azir and Ryze have been suffering similarly to Yuumi. These are also champions that will dominate pro play the moment a single stat gets a slight adjustment, which is why they're kept perpetually low and bad for solo queue. 

Things like top lane satisfaction, catch-up experience and mage items should also be on the list of priorities over Yuumi according to Reddit user Jozoz

Yuumi will likely continue to be monitored for the next few patches as the team continues to balance her kit, but they likely won't be making any more huge changes on her kit, unless she becomes the be-all and end-all of high elo and pro play, which is the exact opposite of what Riot wanted her to be. 

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