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High Elo LoL Players Abuse System To Play in Low Elo Games

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LoL: Now this bug just seems unfair if you ask me... | © Riot Games

There are some bugs in League of Legends that make playing the game feel so unfair and pretty my unplayable. If you're stuck in low elo and encounter a smurf it's bad enough, but now some players don't even need to use smurf accounts anymore to enter your lobbies. 

One player noticed a pattern of high elo players in their low ranking games. Is Riot going to do something about this issue or will players just have to deal with these high elo players stomping them to gain LP? 

LoL: In-Game System Lets Players Queue in Low Elo Brackets

League of Legends is a competitive team game and players want to win and climb the elo ladder, right? Well, smurf accounts, inting teammates and AFK's make that climb all the harder. Now, it seems that high elo players have figured out how they can climb the ranked ladder and face off against far lower ranked players.


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On March 13, 2023 a player made a post on the League of Legends subreddit outlining that they'd seen a Diamond player continuously in their Silver games. Well, this issue seems to have come in LoL Patch 13.5 and another Redditor outlined the issue on the LoL bug report thread for the current patch. 

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In the bug mgeathread the user explained that Diamond ranked players can duo with anyone who has not played a single ranked game that season. By combining the two players, it would lower the LoL MMR to high gold or low diamond. 

So, if anyone is able to queue up with a friend that has not played ranked, then they can get into lobbies far below their actual skill level and gain massive amounts of LP, all while the players on the opposite team will lose a lot. 

Riot has not made any comment on either Reddit thread regarding this issue, but if nothing is done, we could see an influx of quasi-smurf accounts in lower elo trying to gain some LP at the hand of other players. 

Due to the amount of League of Legends account being sold for cheap, some players can use this system to cheat their way into higher elos, which will inevitably also cause an issue when they reach Master rank. 

This issue has players once again discussing whether duo queue should just be removed completely, while also wondering what Riot is going to be doing to fix the issue and to stop players from abusing the system to unfairly rank up thier accounts. 

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