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The meta is a snoozefest lately

LoL Players Believe Riot Changes In Season 13 Are The Reason For Stale Meta

Champions 10-07-2023 17:05
Ocean Song Ashe and Zeri
LoL: Why is the meta so lame right now? | © Riot Games

The 2023 League of Legends meta, especially in professional play has been pretty stale. There is no denying that viewers are sick and tired of seeing the same comps from 2022 get used over-and-over in 2023 again. 

Now, some players believe they have found just why the current League meta is so boring and stale and that Riot are to blame for the issues themselves. Will the balance team be making some adjustments to try and spice things up in the coming patches, especially when heading into Worlds? 

LoL: The Constant Bot Lane Meta Is To Blame

Last year, Riot buffed the dragons in the bot lane, especially early, meaning that teams will want to play to the bot lane with much-higher prio, since it's actually a decent trade to take dragon and give over Rift Herald. 

Not to mention, that throughout last year, and this year, the bot lane has been the key lane to play around, with late game monsters like Zeri, Aphelios and Lucian dominating the meta at all times. 

In 2023, instead of trying to shift power to even things out across the board, Riot has decided to buff melee supports who didn't seem to reach the heights of their enchanter counterparts. Oh, and we got a whole bot lane item rework, which only seemed to make ADC's even stronger. 

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Sure, the item reworks are based around crit items, to give them more power with two items, instead of only spiking at three items. This buff was for solo queue bot laners, but it also, of course, helped the professional ADC's spike earlier as well on stage. 

With these key changes, the meta for professional play hasn't changed much. Thankfully, Riot have nerfed Zeri 6-feet under so she isn't viable anymore, but it doesn't change the fact that we're still in the same bot-lane pro meta, while top laners bonk one another in the head on their island. 

Some players believe that it's the support champions that need to be nerfed, while others just want some more agency pushed into the mid lane and the top lane. So, will Riot listen to the community ahead of the 2023 World Championship? 

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