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LoL Arena Will Have Key Feature For Event Pass Grinders

More 07-07-2023 17:35
Soul Fighter Pyke
LoL Arena is going to be so fun! | © Riot Games

The Soul Fighter event is just around the corner and with this new event we're also going to be able to finally play LoL Arena with our duo partner. Unfortunately, it won't be available for custom games yet though.

But, Riot have revealed that the game mode is going to have some features that will help you with your grind of the Soul Fighter event and you won't have to worry too much about missing out. 

LoL Arena: Will Help With Your Soul Fighter Event Pass

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The Soul Fighter event is going to be kicking off soon, with a brand-new game mode, which is something that the League of Legends community has been asking for. Unfortunately, we won't be able to play it as custom games though, just yet, though if this run works out we could see it return in the future with improvements. 

While we also won't be getting mastery points, yet, when plying, there are some upsides. We will be able to earn experience for the LoL Soul Fighter event pass with Arena.

The event pass for the Soul Fighter event isn't cheap and if we look at previous events in League of Legends then we know that we won't be touching grass for a long time if we want to be able to get everything from the pass. 

Thankfully though, there will be event missions that will grant you XP in the Arena game mode, meaning you won't have to sacrifice your event pass XP for having some fun in the newly added Arena mode. 

League of Legends events are enough of a grind, that it's sometimes difficult to decide whether you want to play a custom game with friends, or a solo queue game to earn points. 

You'll likely be getting the same amount of experience points as with TFT or ARAM when playing Arena, but that will be revealed once we know more about the League of Legends Soul Fighter event pass. 

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