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Is she though?

LoL: "She's Yuumi 2.0" – Community Responds To Briar

Champions 02-09-2023 16:15
Street Demon Briar
LoL: Briar has some people compare her to Yuumi... | © Riot Games

Briar is the newest champion to be added to League of Legends. She is an itneresting character from Noxus and another one of LeBlanc's failed experiments. It has some people wondering when she will finally succeed. 

But we're not here to discuss her lore or her feet, but instead look at her kit, which has many players comically calling her another Yuumi... just a bit more deadly. 

LoL: Briar's Hands-Free Gameplay

Briar has some interesting abilities in her kit. If she hits you with your ultimate, she can literally fly across (almost) the entire map. Then, you can sit back, have a sip of coffee and watch as Briar fights for her life as she goes into a frenzy. 

This ability does not require you to do anything. You just have to land the ultimate and then everything is good as you lose control. You can snack, wipe your sweaty gaming equipment, or just go to the bathroom while Briar fights since you cannot control her anyways. 

Popular League of Legends content creator and masterful shitposter Dumbs came up with the comparison to Yuumi, who has been known as the AFK champion in League of Legends. Well, it seems like she's got competition now with Briar. 

Of course, it's just in good fun, with Briar being a more complex champion than Yuumi could ever be. Briar is able to get out of her frenzy thanks to her E ability, and she is far more vulnerable due ot her lack of innate health regen. 

Briar will be added to the League of Legends roster in Patch 13.18.Then she is going to be making her way into your solo queue matches in no time, so beware of the brand-new scary jungler. 

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