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"An Incredibly Small Percent Of League Players" – Community In Uproar Over Riot's Doublestandards

More 01-09-2023 17:20
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LoL fans are upset over the double standards at Riot. | © Riot Games

Riot just revealed their newest champion, Briar. She looks incredible, has some insane new mechanics in her kit and a very cool background story which we found out through her lore. What she doesn't have is a color story.

Throughout the last few years, Riot has been cutting back on the universe page and the different written lore pieces. Instead, the company wants to focus on other ways to tell the stories of Runeterra, but fans are not impressed by this reasoning. 

LoL Lore Fans "Too Small Minority" But Skin Fans Are Not

Just a few weeks ago the League of Legends community was up in arms when it was revealed that a "new" skin was being added to the game, but the only way to get your hands onto this skin was through a gacha system. Of course, this didn't land well. 

Riot had to make a statement regarding their reasoning behind this 'super rare skin' which let's be real is just a mythic chroma slapped onto an older Jhin skin. It was revealed that they want to create exclusive content for the very small minority of players that treasure these types of things, so they're testing out a gacha skin which, if you're unlucky, could cost up to $200. 

On the other hand, the small minority of players that care about the written lore and want to read color stories of their favorite champions, or new champions is getting ignored, with Riot Lexical explaining that Naafiri and Briar didn't get color stories since not enough people read them.

We decided this year to channel lots of that narrative energy into finding alternative methods for exposé of a champion. Not that it means there won't be more color stories, just that most of those don't really have readership as wide as we would like compared to postcards, cinematic trailer etc etc.

Of course, it makes sense that Riot, a big corporation by this point, more so than just a game developer, will be looking at their bottom line and choosing the 'easy to make and easy to get rich off of' option in favor of the more expensive one, since they would have to pay writers and artists to make the color story which would basically be free to read for whoever wants. 

It's still sad to see that lore and the universe page is being more and more neglected. Not everyone has the money to purchase all the Riot Forge games to find out more about the mage rebellion in Demacia... 

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