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If you want to see late game scaling, take a look at these guys!

All League of Legends Champions with Stacking Abilities

Champions 09-04-2023 12:15
Worldbreaker Nasus 1
We have the late game | © Riot Games

Stacking in League of Legends refers to champion abilities that collect certain in-game resources, to give themselves additional stats. This is especially potent in the late game, where gold doesn't matter, and any bonus stats really come to play.

When speaking of stacking in League of Legends, the average player will immediately think of two champions most famous for this mechanic, Nasus and Veigar. However, League of Legends holds a whopping 11 champions with a stacking mechanic, out of which 9 are capable of stacking infinitely:

  • Cho'Gath
  • Bard
  • Shyvana
  • Nasus
  • Veigar
  • Senna
  • Kindred
  • Sion
  • Thresh
  • Sylas
  • Swain

If you're ever in a game against some of these champions know that, unless you're playing Vayne or Master Yi, your game is on a timer.

What are the Best Stacking Champions in LoL?

Not every stacking effect is the same. For Nasus and Veigar, stacking takes a while to ramp up and be noticeable while it only affects a single stat, and for others such as Swain and Thresh, their stacking is negligible in the grand scheme of things. However, some champions have it all. Quick power spikes, useful abilities to stack with, and multiple stacking effects. Here are the top three:

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3. Cho'Gath

The chunky boy of top lane is one of the best stacking champions in the game. This is due to the fact that his stacking relies on his ultimate ability, one that deals true damage and scales with the stacks themselves.

Chogath 4
Even in prehistory they know how to enjoy a feast | © Riot Games

Aside from his ultimate ability gaining more damage with every stack of his Feast, Cho'Gath gains health and size as well, making him one of the best tanks in the game. Furthermore, his stacking also increases his attack range, which is just ridiculous for a melee champion.

2. Kindred

Kindred is an interesting jungle champion in League of Legends, as the only marksman in that role. That doesn’t stop her from dominating the jungle role, at all.

Spirit Blossom Kindred
Neither the Wolf nor the Lamb have mercy | © Riot Games

Kindred’s stacking, similar to Cho’Gath’s, is based on killing champions or minions. However, in Kindred’s case, these are specific champions and minions, which then permanently empower all of her abilities, and grant the Wolf part of her design additional range. With the game having such a power creep problem, having Kindred’s damage on your side is a step up from even Cho’Gath.

1. Senna

Just like Kindred, Senna is an oddity of the support role, due to being the only marksman there. On this list, she is considered the best stacking champion for a reason though.

Senna has it all in her kit | © Riot Games

Senna's stacking is of a different kind compared to that of every other champion in the game. The souls she collects grant her additional gold of 8 gold per soul, increased damage, and a longer range on her auto-attacks. Coupled with First Strike and the support item, Senna's gold income rivals that of a farming champion, all the while her stacking is getting her additional stats. Of course, keep in mind that Senna is a support champion, with healing, crown control, and a map-wide ultimate, to hammer home just how powerful this champion is in all stages of the game.

And there you have it, the best champions to choose if your games last long, or if you really want to be sure that your team has the late game.

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