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Master Yi: Delete Him

Champions 01-05-2024 14:00

Master Yi is a very annoying champion thanks to how easy he is to play and how much damage he can do. So, will Riot ever delete him?

Master Yi 0
Bronze players hate him! | © Riot Games

Bronze players hate this champion! He's super uninteractive and you don't even need to know how to League and you can get a pentakill. Just delete this garbage champion already Riot... or if we're not that extreme rework him. 

Since we've discussed Zoe who is impossible to play if you're not in Damond+, we've decided to look at the other end of the spectrum and check out champions that are so braindead that they should just be deleted – or permabanned in low elo. Let's go over why Master Yi should be deleted. 

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The Amount of True Damage he Deals

Master Yi's E – Wuju style grants him bonus true damage on his auto-attacks. Combine that with the added mythic items from Season 11 and you've got an unstoppable monster in the jungle. 

Thanks to his Q he also can't be targeted, which means all you have to do is earn attack speed, reset Q and deal true damage over and over again. If the enemy team doesn't have a point-and-click stun on their team, then it's lights out for anyone playing against him. 

Snowman Master yi
Master Yi is your sleep paralysis demon. | © Riot Games

His Kit is Overloaded and Boring 

Now not every champion has to be Akshan-complex, but Master Yi has a problem with being too boring. Just like Tryndamere the whole point of playing around this champion is to click one button and that one button is Q – Alpha Strike. 

He teleports to his chosen target, deals a whole lot of true damage and if you're able to reset his Q, then you just do it over and over again. It's that simple. Even an Iron player can figure that out and for any low elo players this is awful to play against and will suck the fun out of any game when they're just starting out to learn League of Legends. 

On another note, not every 'simple' kit is boring. Take Warwick for example, his kit is simple and it's extremely fun to play with him in the jungle. The whole '1 button and go brrrr' mechanic just ain't it.

You Cannot Escape Yi

"Why are you Running"... that's what every Master Yi player asks when another player tries to run away from him. Just picking Nimbus Cloak as a rune means that he can gain bonus movement speed whenever a summoner spell is used. 

Inkshadow Master Yi Splash
He is so annoying. | © Riot Games

So in a fight he can just outrun anyone and then destroy them. Let's also not forget the amount of attack speed Master Yi can stack and the true damage he deals thanks to his E. So even if you've got a dash or two in your kit, Yi will find you and he will kill you

So, Master Yi's kit is plain and simple, which is a good thing, but it's so overloaded that it feels awful to play against and braindead to play yourself. 

Without a Good Early Game, He is Useless

Unless you're playing in low elo, where no one seems to know how to counter him, this is an awful champion. Any high elo player (hell even some mid elo players) knows how to counter Master Yi. Point-and-click cc and stop him from getting fed early. 

Then he is merely a human meat shield ready to get blown up. That's also why we don't see him in pro play at all and why you won't be seeing Jankos streaming his epic Master Yi gameplay in Challenger or Grandmaster. 

So, Master Yi is a simple yet extremely boring champion. His kit needs to be reworked ASAP and overall his design can be updated as well. Please Riot delete him – at least from lower elos – so everyone can enjoy League of Legends! 

Sabrina Ahn

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