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Naafiri needs no more nerfs!

Naafiri Has Stabilized Ahead Of LoL Patch 13.15 Release

Champions 28-07-2023 15:00
Naafiri Soul Fighter skin
LoL Patch 13.15: No nerfs for Naafiri this patch it seems. | © Riot Games

The newest League of Legends champion Naafiri is doing her job well.  She is a strong low-elo champion, but isn't overbearing in the top brass either, making her reach the exact player base Riot had intended for her. 

Ahead of LoL Patch 13.15, Riot had a few more nerfs planned for the desert hound Darkin, but they've decided to hold off on these changes for now, since the balance team feels that she has evened out after a couple of hotfixes. 

LoL: Balance Team Happy With State Of Naafiri

Naafiri is the newest champion on Summoner's Rift and while some champions that Riot releases are broken beyond belief, especially in pro-play, Naafiri seems to have hit the mark more or less right off the bat. She is an easy to play Assassin meant for lower elo players. 

While she did need a couple of hotfix nerfs right after her release, she has since evened out. Her win rate in low elo is much better than in higher elos, which is what Riot was going for when they desigend her. 

Therefore, Stephen "Riot Raptorr" Auker, revealed that Naafiri is going to be unchanged in the upcoming League of Legends patch. 

[..] we will not be making any adjustments (buffs or nerfs) to Naafiri in 13.15. Earlier this week we said to expect nerfs, but that was anticipating that her win rate would continue to grow. After a couple days of monitoring, it's actually stabilized in a healthy place so we won't be making adjustments. 

With her win rate sitting at 51% in average MMR and around the 49% win rate in elite MMR, she has landed right where Riot want her and therefore she is going to be left untouched for the time being. 

He also mentions that the balance team is looking to let Naafiri shine in the mid lane and will focus on that role, rather than look to make her a strong and viable jungler, since her primary and intended role is the jungle after all.

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