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Rell Mid-Scope Update Revealed

Champions 18-11-2022 16:35
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Finally my girl is getting some love from Riot. | © Riot Games

Rell has been one of the biggest disappointments in League of Legends. Finally, we got a new tank support, but instead of being this epic champion we wished her to be, she was clunky, slow and lacked any synergy whenever she went all-in with her abilities.

Just as Riot had teased it, it's now been confirmed that we are getting a mid-scope update for her. Finally Riot will update her abilities a little and make her fit into the current scheme of support champions. One leaker has even revealed her mid-scope update so let's check out what we know and what has been leaked. 


Rell's LoL Mid-Scope Update Coming Soon

In a recent tweet by August 'August' Browning, Lead Champion Designer on League of Legends, it was revealed that the champions team is currently working on a mid-scope update for our main girl Rell. This announcement came along with a reveal that Jax is also on the list of champions to receive a mid-scope update. 

You know who wasn't a flop? Yuumi, but somehow everyone still hates her... 

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Leaker Reveals Rell's Mid-Scope Update Kit

Leaked Rell Kit After Rework

Rell is a good support against champions with shields thanks to her Q. She can also CC others with her ultimate as well as her E. But that hasn't been enough to make her viable. So let's quickly go over her new abilities and how they will change compared to the previous iterations. 

AbilityPrevious IterationNew Iteration
Shattering Strike (Q)
  • Rell thrusts her lance in the target direction that completely destroys damage-mitigating shields of enemies hit before dealing magic damage, reduced to 50% against enemies beyond the first. The first enemy hit is also afflicted with Break the Mold.
  • If Rell is tethered with Attract and Repel, she and the bound ally heal for each enemy champion hit.
  • Rell thrusts her lance, destroying all Shields and dealing magic damage. The first units hit suffers Break the Modl's defense steal
  • Shielded units hit by Shattering Strike are slowed when moving away from Rell 

Instead of healing, this ability will now slow enemies. This makes her a much bigger threat and gives her some crowd control in her Q as well which can be more useful for an in-your-face engage support like Rell. 

AbilityPrevious IterationNew Iteration
Ferromancer's Vow (W)
[Previously: Ferromancy: Crash Down/Mount Up]
  • Passive: Rell gains additional Move Speed while mounted and additional Armor and Magic Resist while armored. 
  • Active: Rell changes forms, casting a different spell based on form. Mounted: Rell crashes down in her armor, knocking enemies up and gaining a large shield. Armored: Rell forms her mount, gaining a burst of speed and flipping the next enemy she attacks.
  • Rell becomes Unstoppable for 2 seconds and gains Move Speed towards nearby champion. After 2 seconds Rell grants a Shield rapidly decaying over 2 seconds to the nearst ally champion

This is a completely new ability and should help her out with her movement speed issues. Rell is able to go into fights, but if her team does not follow up, she is stuck in the middle of a fight and cannot escape due to her slow and clunky movement speed. 


Previous Iteration

New Iteration
Magnetic Overload (E) 
[Previously: Attract and Repel]
  • Rell binds a piece of her Armor to another allied champion to grant them Armor and Magic Resist while near. While she has an ally bound in this way, Rell can cast this ability without targeting an allied champion to snap the binding and Stun enemies caught in it.
  • Rell explodes in a magnetic fury, violently pulling nearby enemies towards herself. Then Rell constantly draws nearby enemies towards herself and deals magic damage over the next 3 seconds. 
  • After 3 seconds the magnetic fury retracts, stunning all enemies caught inside for 1 second and dealing magic damage.

For this one, Riot basically took her currently ultimate and decided to make it her E instead. Being able to have this ability at hand more often, will make her a much stronger champion as well, since the most intimidating part of her kit has always been the magnet storm. 

AbilityPrevious IterationNew Iteration
Ferromancy - Crash Down (R) 

[Previously: Magnet Storm]

  • Rell explodes in a magnetic fury, violently Pulling nearby enemies towards herself. Then Rell constantly Drags nearby enemies towards herself for a short while, dealing magic damage over time.
  • Passive - Mounted: Rell ains move speed, this bonus is doubled when near an allied champion. 
  • Active - Ferromancy Crash Down: Rell leaps off her mount, knocking up enemies for 1 second and dealing magic damage. Rell then enters Dismounted form gaining a temporary shield, reducing hermove speed and allowing her to use Ferromancy - Rising Shrapnel. 
  • Passive - Dismounted: Rell gains armor and magic resist and grants nearby allied champions armor and magic resist. 
  • Active - Ferromancy Rising Shrapnel: Rell unleashes a pillar of shrapnel infront of her flinging enemies over her head and dealing magic damage. Rell then enters mounted form, gaining move speed for 1 second and allowing to use Ferromancy Crash Down. 

Okay, so basically Rell's previous W has been turned into her ultimate, but it's been improved. Sure, she will still be slow as hell, but with the added Rising Shrapnel part of her ability she can actually do something while dismounted and not walk around like a lost little lamb. 

This mid-scope update reminds us of Tahm Kench and his update where some abilities were also switched around to make for more diverse gameplay. These are just leaks, but they're looking pretty juicy so we hope that these do become a reality. 

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