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Riot Wants To Help Supports Finish Their Builds Quicker In LoL Patch 13.10

Champions 04-05-2023 17:40
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LoL Patch 13.10: Will support champions get tot finish their builds quicker thanks to these changes? | © Riot Games

Support players listen up! There are some juicy changes on the PBE for all of you out there and Riot is trying to get you to buy more items than ever before with these updates. It isn't just ADC's who are getting attention this midseason update, but support items are also influenced by the changes in LoL Patch 13.10. 

Not only, are support players going to get a new item, while Imperial Mandate is being changed to a legendary, but they will also be getting updates to almost every single enchanter item out there. Why is Riot doing this though? 

LoL Patch 13.10: Riot Wants To Improve Support Satisfaction

Player Satisfaction is an important part to League of Legends. While the game isn't always satisfying to play thanks to the immense amount of trolls and griefers, you should at least have a good time once you've muted them all, right? 

Well, some roles haven't been all that satisfying, one of which are the enchanter supports. As a support it's difficult to gain the Gold for all the items you could be building. Especially if you sit in the backline and just heal and shield enemies.

Therefore, Riot is going to be making some huge changes to the support itemization. They've basically decreased the cost of all the items by 200-300 Gold. This means support players will be able to purchase their items earlier. Though all this does come at a price, with most items having some of their stats reduced because of this. 

In a thread on Twitter Riot Game Designer scaz gave some insights into the changes for support champions, especially regarding the warding item Watchful Wardstone which has received some big updates as well. 

On Twitter they explained that currently, support players do not finish enough items to truly feel satisfying, hence why these changes were implemented. With the changes currently being tested, the balance team hopes that support players will finish their builds about 1100-1300 Gold faster. 

Will these changes truly impact the meta or would you rather have fewer items as a support with higher stats? The response to the item changes on Twitter have been pretty positive for the most part, so it's exciting to see how these midseason changes in LoL Patch 13.10 pan out on live servers. 

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