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It's been the same for the entire season 14 now.

LoL: Top Lane Tier List For Patch 14.7

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The top lane is in a pretty desolate place, but with our top lane tierlist for Patch 14.7 you will be able to dominate it. 

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Who will be the best three Top Laners for 14.4? | ©Riot Games

Every two weeks, Riot releases a new patch for League of Legends with some major balance changes. Will the balance changes of LoL Patch 14.7 have a huge effect on solo queue, though? 

Top Lane Tier List: S-Tier Top Lane Picks Of LoL Patch 14.7

Top lane has quite a bit of variety, so we'll be talking about the best Champions to play in the top lane among all the viable champions!

3. Illaoi

Illaoi has been decent ever since her buffs earlier in Season 14. She's currently sitting at a 52.26% win rate. 

Illaoi 18
Illaoi suffered from the top lane map changes. | © Riot Games


Iceborn Gauntlet into Black Cleaver. Steraks or Sundered Sky afterward.

Power Spikes:

Sheen is a good spike if you are ahead. Otherwise, full Iceborn has solokill potential. Do not buy Sheen when you are already behind, as it doesn't provide any combat stats.


Illaoi struggles versus champions that outrange him or straight up duel him to death. 

Good Synergies:

Illaoi works well with Junglers that bring either a lot of crowd control or a massive amount of damage. 

2. Malphite

Malphite is a great champion when he works. Into a heavy AD comp, he is extremely useful, but he can feel kind of lacking against a mixed damage comp. Usually he only gets picked when he is really strong, meaning into high AD enemy teams. He is very reliable and even if behind, the ultimate is a great tool to still be useful with. He currently has a 52.23% win rate.

Top Lane Malphite
Ol' Reliable Malphite. | © Riot Games


With Malphite you are very tanky but lack wave clear. Try to get a Bami's Cinder on your first back and buy a Frozen Heart afterwards into AD champions. Kaernic Rookern is the item of choice against AP champs. Don't bother finishing Sunfire Cape as it is a highly inefficient item.

Power Spikes:

Your Powerspikes are at Level 6 when you become a real threat. Plated Steelcaps make you super tanky already, and the Bami's does the damage!


Malphite struggles against AP tanks/bruisers and champions that have heavy impact like Shen.

Good Synergies:

Malphite synergizes with every champion, as he can single-handedly win team fights with a well-placed Ult Knock Up.

1. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is the final boss of top lane and is sitting at a 50.97% win rate. Mordekaiser is known for his immense dueling power.

PROJECT Mordekaiser
The last thing you see before he puts you in a literal shadow realm. | © Riot Games


For Mordekaiser, you want to invest in Health and AP. Rylais into Riftmaker and Liandries are your best options. You can build tank items after that.

Power Spikes:

Rylais gives you a huge spike as enemies won't be able to run from you, but Riftmaker gives you more dueling power. Liandries first versus tanks. 


Morde struggles versus strong melee duelists and Vayne.

Good Synergies:

Mordekaiser synergizes well with champions that have a lot of CC to secure his pull and single target burst.

Top Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 14.7: The Other Top Lane Champions

14 7 top
Tierlist for 14.7 on Top Lane.

While the S-Tier Top Laners tend to be the best, there are still a lot of excellent picks in case these champions aren't available. Let's also take a look at some bottom-tier champions, which you should take note of and avoid!

The A-Tier Top Picks Of LoL Patch 14.7:

If you're not a fan of the S-tier picks, or they are banned, this is where to look. The A-tier champs are good but don't warrant nerfs, so they are usually about the same.

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Sett 52.52% 6.3%


52.04% 3.6%


53.62% 3.5%

Kayle has always had a solid win rate. Just gotta get through that early game.

The E-Tier Top Picks Of LoL Patch 14.7:

If you want to win, just stay away from these champions, basically no point in playing them unless you're a one-trick. 

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Karma 45.76% 0.6%
Jax 49.25% 5.3%
Gragas 47.98% 2.3%







The Wind Brothers have been struggling for quite a while now. 

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