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Surely it's not because of the usage of his right hand.

Why did Tryndamere Become so Popular

Olaf has nothing on Tryndamere's immortality | © Riot Games

League of Legends champions tend to have a couple of qualities that make them unique. Some are aesthetically pleasing, some are overpowered, while some, are annoying to even be in the same match with. Such is the case with Tryndamere.

The usual suspects of any champion's pick and ban rate going through the roof are some buff to their abilities that make them overpowered, or perhaps a new rune that, well, does the same thing. Why, then, did Tryndamere become so popular all of a sudden, as he has not been featured in any League of Legends patches for quite some time?

Why did Tryndamere's Popularity Spike?

AS thee has been no direct buffs to the champion itself, then you would be right in thinking that the issue stems from indirect buffs to his playstyle. The meta has just so happened to fall directly where Tryndamere wants it to:

  • New bounty system that favors split pushing,
  • Galeforce Mythic item, giving Tryndamere more crit an early power spike, and an additional dash,
  • New lethal tempo changes, allowing Tryndamere to eschew building attack speed early,
  • Nerfs to the Teleport Summoner Spell, making the enemy unable to make plays elsewhere on the map,
  • Tank top lane being less featured in the meta.
Now, all we need is jungle Tryndamere build, for maximum annoyance | © Riot Games

And, with the inclusion of the kit on newer champions, that most players are used to learning, Tryndamere's abilities are incredibly simple to use. With player skill progressing leaps and bounds from the time when Tryndamere was released, it stands to reason that the champion is incredibly easy to pick up, while also being very impactful in the current meta, leading him to be in the place he is today.

Tryndamere Pick and Ban Rate

The last time Tryndamere enjoyed such a ban rate was 5 years ago, in 2016, with the current Ban Rate revolving around 30%. Add in the fact that his Pick Rate is 7.6%, while his Win Rate has not fallen down below 50%, due to all the new players taking a shot at him, and we see why Tryndamere is back in the spotlight.

And, though Tryndamere is rarely recommended as an S-tier pick these days, he can definitely contend with the best of them. Just beware the time when he leaves the meta, as it may prove to be another instance of Elo inflation we experience with the Ardent Censer meta, a few years ago.