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These changes could make certain champions a lot more annoying...

Riot Testing Teleport Changes on PBE

News 08-12-2021 13:15
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How will this affect the top lane meta? | © Riot Games

Earlier today, a redditor pointed out a massive change with the summoner spell Teleport currently on the PBE. With this change, players can only teleport to tower before 14 minutes - then it's back to normal.

This change could have massive implications on the early game strategies we see both in pro play and solo queue. Do you think it should stay?

Are Riot changing Teleport in Season 12?

The current teleport nerfs are only on the public beta environment for League of Legends at the moment. This means that they might never see the light of day in regards to making it into the actual game. Riot can and likely will make adjustments based off of player feedback.

If you hate this change, let them know! Don't forget that the PBE subreddit, /r/LeaguePBE, exists as a place for Riot to receive feedback from players with stuff just like this.

Why are Riot changing Teleport?

As previously mentioned, this change brings some huge implications along with it in regards to both pro play and solo queue. The main thing that this change stops is the huge 10 man fiesta fights in the bot lane that we've all grown to know and love.

It's super common to see this in high elo. Both top laners will TP bot lane to respond to ganks from Jungle, Mid, or Both. Obviously, it can get out of hand very quick and you'll see every player in the game scrapping it out before they're even level 6.

It looks like Riot have a new vision for the game that doesn't include crazy fights and honestly we're pretty sad about it. Teleport battles in the bot lane have given us some amazing moments in pro play before, we're gonna be devastated if it's completely removed.

What are some notable 'clown fiesta' pro play moments?

One of our favorite crazy bot lane team fights occurred during the MSI 2021 Grand Finals between RNG and DAMWON KIA in Game 1. As you can tell from the clip, things get pretty exciting when everyone TP's in but oddly enough no one dies!

If you were hoping to see a more deadly fight, we've got your back. This next clip is from the 2021 LPL Spring Split Finals between RNG and Top Esports. What an exciting battle!

These are just a couple of moments from the last year of pro play where we're seen this type of thing happen. It's always pretty interesting from a viewer perspective, but Riot seem ready to make these strategies extinct.

What do you think about these changes? Are you in favor or against the Teleport nerfs?

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