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Where is Twitch anyway?

League of Legends Lore: Twitch Deserves More

Champions 09-06-2023 18:30
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Give this man something to read | © Riot Games

When it comes to marksmen, there are very few comparable to how annoying Twitch can be, due to his invisibility, and the potential for damage, whether it's magical burst damage or the usual ADC DPS.

Whether you're playing Twitch ADC, or the niche build that is dying out these days, of AP Twitch support, all you know of him is that he is a giant rat with a crossbow. Because that is all there is of this champion, basically, and there is so much potential for more.

LoL: What is Twitch's Lore?

As far as it goes, if you're familiar with the Warhammer universe, not the 40K variety, Twitch can be equated to the League of Legends version of the Skaven.

He lives beneath the civilized races, in the bowels of Zaun, plotting the fall of humanity with his trusty crossbow and copious amounts of filth, acid, and poison.

There is far more to this champion than meets the eye, as Riot have teased with a single color story Twitch has. He has a personality that is not all violence and destruction.

Does Twitch Have a Color Story?

The usual suspects of Riot's favoritism all have multiple color stories to their name, where they interact with other champions, exhibit new personality traits that make the champion come to life, and even bring their stories to a close.

All Twitch has is an entry similar to the SCP Foundation entries, portraying him as a cryptid to watch out for.

However, it is here that we can see glimpses of Twitch's personality, a territorial pariah from society, that enjoys reading romance novels, and collects bubblegum, for purposes unknown.

Currently, his revolution is pointed toward Piltover, so it would make sense for him to work with the other Zaunites that wish for the same, if for nothing else other than mutual benefit.

It would be extremely interesting to see Twitch's eccentricities born of his unique life on the edge of society, play off of Jinx's insanity born from the opposite, an overindulgence in the worst things society has to offer.

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