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Worst Designed Champions in League of Legends So Far

Champions 12-09-2023 01:30

From the first 40 champions released with League of Legends going live more than 13 years ago, all the way to the huge roster we have today, fans on Reddit seem to be coming to a conclusion on which are Riot's worst-designed champions.

Lo L Yuumi
Who else could it have been? | © Riot Games

From the first designed champions of League of Legends, and their days as a small indie company, to the 200 years of experience that got Riot dragged through the mud, the company and game have come a long way, and the fans have been there to witness every mistake made, intentional or not.

A Reddit post asking for fans to list the worst-designed champions in League of Legends has finally managed to have the LoL community agree on something, with three champions coming to the fore!

What are the Worst Champion Designs in LoL?

One player's weak main is another overpowered monstrosity. But the players have all managed to agree on the three worst-designed champions in League of Legends, due to their kits making the game impossible to enjoy.

3. Zeri

An ADC marksman, who was featured in so many patches during her first year of release, that only a select few can measure up to that number, out of all 164 League of Legends champions.

Why would you need to learn proper positioning | © Riot Games

This is to be expected, from a champion that had a completely new mechanic added to her kit, with a Q that acts as an auto-attack, her scaling allowing her to build tank items, and her incredible mobility allowing her to evade any engage. Oh, and let's not forget her Ap scaling as well.

2. K'Sante

One of Riot's inspirations for the release of Naafiri and K'Sante was to fill the niches where no champion existed previously. In K'sante's case, it was to release a high-skill ceiling top-lane tank/fighter.

K Sante Base Splash Compressed
Overpowered is an understatement | © Riot Games

This is definitely an issue, since, due to the simplicity of most top lane champions' kits, to balance them out their items need more juice. When a high-skill expression K'Sante comes into the occasion, you get the best of both worlds.

A champion with a powerful kit, capable of using items that have shown a precedent of being unfairly overpowered.

1. Yuumi

Let's be honest, we all saw this one coming. Yuumi is a completely broken champion that is impossible to balance out, due to her inherent nature, and definitely deserves to get removed from the game.

At the end of the day, her biggest issue is the fact that she makes the strong meta champions into absolute monsters. This way, it's not something of hers that can be targeted, but her interaction with her own allies.

Yuumi Lo L
Though it's technically the book, we still despise the cat | © Riot Games

While the first two entries have some, very few, naysayers, Yuumi is the one everyone agrees needs to be removed for the sake of the fans' mental health.

Worst LoL Champion Designs So Far: Honorable Mentions

The ones on our list are the champions that most of the player base agrees have the worst design. A part of their hate comes from an emotional place, tied in with strong arguments.

However, others have given strong arguments for other LoL champions with incredibly bad design, though there is not much hate for them due to the first three taking most of the spotlight.

  • Malzahar - A supremely unfun champion to both play against and play yourself
  • Senna - A hyperscaling marksman who does not suffer the early game needs of farming Cs for her resources
  • Tryndamere - A lot of the laning phase is dependant on luck in relation to crit chance, fans argue, and is unfun for both Trynd and the enemy
  • Ryze - A champion that cannot, ever, be balanced in both SoloQ and pro play at the same time

We are sure that you can think of a few examples of badly designed champions yourselves. In our own case, we can't help but wonder who thought giving Pyke a stun, a hook, invisibility, healing, and an execute ultimate with resets all in one kit?

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