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This is how you can get LoL onto your Mac!

Play League of Legends on Mac: Download And Installation

Guides 23-02-2023 12:15

You can play League of Legends on Mac as well as on your Windows PC, since the game supports multiple platforms. Here's what you need to know for playing LoL on your Mac.

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Wanna play League of Legends on Mac? Here's what you have to do! | © Riot Games

While many games do not work on Mac, League of Legends is one of the few that do work on the other operating system. VALORANT, due to their anti-cheat, is one of the popular games players can't enjoy on a Mac. That's why we should be thankful that League is such an old game with outdated client, eh? 

So yes, you can play League of Legends on your MacOS operating system. Since League isn't a very high maintenance game, you won't need to buy the most intense gaming hardware to run it. So, if you've got a Mac and don't mind your precious computer overheating (trust me, my old school Mac hates me when I try to so much as open the LoL client), then these are the steps you should follow to play some fun games with friends.

Want to know what champions to play once you've downloaded League onto your mac?

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Play League of Legends on Mac: Follow These Steps To Download And Install

Honestly, downloading League of Legends onto your Mac is not rocket science. It's actually very simple and we've got the steps for you to follow listed below. Once you've completed those you'll be ready to set foot onto the Rift and take on the challenge as a Summoner. 

This is what you need to do to download League of Legends on Mac:

  1. Go to the League of Legends website
  2. Create an account
    1. Click “already got an account” if you have one
  3. Then you’ll be taken to the signup website
  4. Click “Download for Mac
  5. Open up the file once the download is done
  6. Follow the instructions and wait until the game installation is complete
  7. Enjoy playing League on your Mac!

That's how simple it is to download the game onto your Mac. If you've downloaded any other game before then you will know the drill and how it works. Thankfully, League doesn't require you to have the most powerful computer so it should operate well on a Mac as well with a decent frame rate. 

Are you ready to play over 60 champions and to try your hand at the ranked system? Hopefully your ranked climb isn't too painful! 

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