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These decks aren't guaranteed to give you a win. But they definitely are worth getting tried out.

Legends of Runeterra: The 3 Best Off-Meta Decks For Patch 4.11

Guides 04-12-2023 11:03

We are on Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.11 and I'm here to bring you some new goodies with low play rate. Beware, because low play rate statistics aren't always reliable. 

Lo R Sett
Are you ready to smash your competition?|©Riot Games

I gotta be honest. I don't like playing meta. It's far more interesting to try out some decks who aren't played by everyone. 

What are the advantages you may ask?

Well first of all, the enemies don't really know what you are doing and that means you can catch them off guard. When they understand your win condition, it's most likely too late.

Also, there won't be meta decks without players trying out new things. Who knows, maybe those decks are just insanely OP but no-one knows them? 

I mean, I hit Master-Tier within a few weeks of playing this game, just because I abused some off-meta decks. 

One thing is for sure: You can't balance such a complex game like Legends of Runeterra perfectly. There will always be something broken which no-one has thought of yet...

But enough about that talk, let's dive right in!

3. Leona / Riven (MT / NX)

Leona Lo R Corrupted
Leona is now fighting for Noxus|©Riot Games

Leona and Riven don't seem to match at first glance. While Riven and Noxus are about strong power levels and buffs to destroy the enemy Nexus, Leona is more about controlling the opponent's deck.

This deck also has quite a bit of early game power. Especially in the mid-game, this deck is strong as you can easily have powerful units on the board, and also stun enemies and select key targets with Leona. It certainly helps that Leona can get Quick Attack along with Challenger through Reforges. 

Once all enemies are removed or stunned, your units have a direct line of attack on the Nexus.

Leona Riven
Combine scaling with strength|©Riot Games / runeterra.ar

This deck has a win rate of 73% in High Dia / Masters. It's 45 games played in total, but maybe it could be the next new meta?


2. Annie / LeBlanc (NX / FR)

Le Blanc Lo R Header
Noxus has a nasty synergy with Freljord|©Riot Games

What does Noxus stand for? FOR GLORY!!! Yeah, and also for units with extremely strong power, but bad defense. 

So hear me out: There's a landmark called "Temple Of True Ice", which, when you summon an ally, grows its health to its power. 

Suddenly, you don't have a 5/1 Trifarian Gloryseeker at 2 cost, but instead a 5/5 one. Same goes for LeBlanc and with the Wrathful Rider you even have an 8/8 with Challenger at 5 cost. 

Also, we have Omen Hawk in the deck, to give your units even more health and to deal with those Elusive units in the early game. 

So it should be pretty easy for you to activate your Reputation and get LeBlanc leveled.

I can tell you, a board with 4 Trifarian Gloryseekers at 5/5 and Rally at round 6 is pretty strong.

Annie Leblanc
|©Riot Games / runeterra.ar

This deck has a win rate of 73% in High Dia / Masters with 27 out of 37 games won. 


1. Norra / Sett (PC / IO)

Norra Lo R
Norra and Sett are an unlikely duo|©Riot Games

Norra / Sett basically has no weak phases. It can be described as efficient, cheap, and flexible, as it has a stable mana curve with few expensive units. 

For the late game, however, you still have a win condition with Sett and Minah Swiftfoot. The latter can also be combined with Condense to finish the opponent. 

Sett Norra
|©Riot Games / runeterra.ar

This deck has a win rate of 75.8% in high dia / masters. It has won 25 out of 33 games, so please consider those statistics with a grain of salt.


I hope these decks gave you some cool new alternatives to play, instead of the same old boring meta decks. 

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