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From the solo to the duo lane with Patch 11.16?

LoL: Mini Rework is coming for Karma

Patch Notes 04-08-2021 20:00
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Riot Games can no longer watch people playing Karma in solo lanes.| © Riot Games

Legaue of Legends developers Riots Games respond to the current development of Karma in Pro play. Riot Games wants a pure supporter, the pros want a solo laner. Therefore, Karma's kit is now slightly adjusted.

In pro play, Karma has recently become a solo laner to provide additional support to the team's carries in the late game. This is shown especially by the pick rates on the individual positions. 32% playrate on the mid lane and 22% playrate on the top lane speak for themselves. Since Karma is played as support in Low Elo with over 91% anyway, not much will change for the players with lower ranks. So a mini rework, which is expected to go live with patch 11.16, will be enough.

Will the new Karma be available with Patch 11.16?

Riot Games is currently testing the mini-rework on the PBE server. Since they are taking a small break, it is not clear whether we can expect the new Karma with patch 11.16, or have to wait for patch 11.17. The LoL developers themselves have not yet commented on this. However, we assume that Mini-Rework Karma will hit the live servers with patch 11.16 on August 11.

But happens to Top Lane Karma?

Karma loses some of her former power, which is what her laning phase was all about. She becomes especially more vulnerable to ganks and her cooldown reduction from farming alone has been removed.

  • cooldown of her Mantra if her ability hits opposing champions. The cooldown reduction is getting increased. It starts with 5 seconds per hit ability and scales up to 7 seconds at level 18. 
  • Her Q - Inner Flame will deal less damage and has a longer cooldown. But the bonus damage thanks to her ultimate will be increased. The mana cost is also being lowered, so you can still have her be a DPS-mage in the late game if you build some AP. 
  • Her E - Inspire shield – which has been abused in the top lane to evade ganks – will have its movement speed lowered. Instead, the shield will be stronger, which is just going to improve support Karma. 

There is also buffs coming with LoL Patch 11.16. Read all here.

From the changes, we can see few changes for the mid lane playstyle. Sure the nerf of her passive will be noticeable there as well, but basically she remains solid there. It becomes more interesting when we look at the top lane. She is not the safe laner anymore, who can stand against every lane bully! The reduced movement speed makes her a perfect target for LvL 3 ganks. On the support position she is actually only strengthened and that is also the place where Riot Games wants to see her.

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