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Nice to see Pantheon kill lanes not making a comeback.

The Support Tier List for LoL Patch 13.13

Patch Notes 07-07-2023 02:00
Are you a jungler or support now? | © Riot Games

Patch 13.13 is a patch that brought a lot of changes to the game with the addition of old items repacked with new stats. And, the enchanter dominance once again pronounced.

These are, statistically, the best support champions in Season 13, patch 13.13. Once again, the best support strategy relies only on making an overpowered champion even worse. It's to be expected, however, due to how good the ADC items now are! Whether you do it by feeding your ADC kills, or by making plays for them, is your prerogative.

Support Tier List: Who to Play in LoL Patch 13.13?

4. Sona

Sona is an interesting League of Legends enchanter, due to the fact that she is one of the few enchanters, and champions in general that have a low-skill floor, and a skill ceiling that still lets you carry games.

Sona 0
Sona is still the top dog of music, Seraphine | © Riot Games

This is due to her passive, which makes winning early-game trades and setting up ganks easy if you can keep track of which one you have set up, while her abilities themselves are easy to pick up for any new player.

3. Janna

When it comes to meta that is so focused on ADCs, a support's main job is to keep them alive, from the various threats to their squishy selves.

Janna 4
Janna is the easiest enchanter to play at a high level | © Riot Games

None do it as well as Janna does, with her tornadoes perfect for kiting enemies, or setting up plays, and her ultimate acting as a reset button whenever her ADC finds themselves out of position in a teamfight.

2. Rakan

Rakan has been in the spotlight for a while now, only moving from an OP pick to an extremely good one, back and forth. And knowing this champion's penchant for flair, that is quite ironic to say. Rakan has become the jack of trades when it comes to engage champions.

Xayah Rakan
With him loving chocolate so much, he's still got an amazing six pack | © Riot Games

His playstyle is versatile enough to not be predictable, while his abilities lend themselves to playing on the backfoot as well as snowballing a lane. And his roaming potential makes that into any lane, not just the bot lane!

1. Rell

One of the forgotten League of Legends champions, Rell has been steadily climbing the ranks in the support meta and has finally found herself as the top pick in the game.

With her extremely good and easy to accomplish engage, coupled with an almost unmatched roaming potential among the engage supports, Rell is the best way to decide a match during the early game.

Star Guardian Rell
From an unplayed champion, Rell has come a long way | © Riot Games

Add to that the fact that Rell recently got some buffs to place her among the jungles as well, and it reflected on her support performance exquisitely, even though it was not intended to work that way.

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Support Tier List in LoL Patch 13.13: The Other Support Champions

Champions are not made or broken by their win rates. There are still a couple of factors to take into account, such as player preference, player skill, matchup, and even their pick rate. So, let's take a look at where the rest of the support picks lie in Patch 13.13.

The A-Tier Support Picks of Patch 13.13

These are the picks you go for when the S-Tier are banned. They're solid picks and will get you the W, but it won't be as strong as the S-Tier. So if you want a good win/loss rate, then these are some of the best picks you can choose in the current League of Legends support meta.

Supp tier list 13 13
The meta has turned quite interesting to play | © Riot Games
  • Taric - Win Rate 53.20% Pick Rate: 1.9%
  • Thresh - Win Rate: 50.46% Pick Rate: 16.5%
  • Blitzcrank - Win Rate: 51.06% Pick Rate: 9.2%
  • Nautilus - Win Rate: 50.46% Pick Rate: 13.2%

Some of the more interesting support picks that are sure to get you the win are mostly of the engage variety, even though their win rates would not reflect that. Win rates get diluted by players playing the champions more often, and Nautilus and Thresh have almost 300 thousand games played in this patch alone.

On the other hand, we have Taric, the highest win rate support. His pick rate, however, suggests that he is mostly played by those maining him, or even one-tricking him, inflating his win rate a bit.

An oddity is Milio, the enchanter with the most games played this patch by far. His win rates suffer duo to that fact, however, making him a bit unreliable to match the S-tier picks.

The F-Tier Support Picks of Patch 13.13

On the opposite side of overpowered, we have the following picks. Whether they are part of a long-forgotten off-meta or have just fallen out of favor with the current meta we find ourselves in, these are the champions you pull out only when playing normal games with a five-man premade. They, at least, will not mind you initing their game with your pick.

  • Ashe - Win Rate: 47.52%, Pick Rate: 1.7%
  • Yuumi - Win Rate: 45.61% Pick Rate: 7.0%
  • Pantheon - Win Rate: 47.74% Pick Rate: 1.6%

Riot have made duo abusing a difficulty these days, as Pantheon's kill lanes are a thing of the past, while picks such as Ashe or Twitch support have long been nerfed into the ground.

Even Yuumi's win rate and pick rate both keep dropping patch after patch, suggesting that there is something wrong with Riot's golden cat after all. Maybe it's the intargetability? Who could tell?

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