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Wonder how the new support will fit into this meta.

The Support Tier List for LoL Patch 13.4

Patch Notes
Love seeing Rell holding strong | © Riot Games

Patch 13.4 is a patch that is meant to shift around the changes in the season 13 League of Legends meta. And, slowly, but surely, an equilibrium is being reached between the three support classes.

These are, statistically, the best support champions in Season 13, patch 13.4. Unlike before, the best support strategy no longer relies only on making an overpowered champion even worse. It's your call on whether you get the carries fed, apply map pressure with roams, or control the team fights with mages.

This time, however, enchanter supports are hit hard by the nerfs to mana regeneration, while engage champions got buffs to health regeneration, knocking enchaters off their high horse. Perhaps even too hard.

Support Tier List: Who to Play in LoL Patch 13.4?

3. Rell

One of the forgotten League of Legends champions, Rell has been steadily climbing the ranks in the support meta and has finally found herself among the top picks in the game.

Rell doesn't do anything the best, but does a lot of things extremely well | © Riot Games

With her extremely good nad easy to accomplish engage, coupled with an almost unmatched roaming potential among the engage supports, Rell is the best way to decide a match during the early game.

2. Janna

With the rise of engage champions, and bruises and tanks capable of running down anything in their path, peeling has never been more important. And that is what Janna excels at.

The lane harassment is also incredibly easy to pull off | © Riot Games

Her well-placed tornadoes can ruin any engage, while her ultimate works as the perfect way to reset a team fight, and allow your carries to get their bearings, and the needed distance.

1. Sona

At the same time, Sona is one of the easiest and hardest enchanter champions to play in League. That is due to her in-and-out playstyle, which is easy to learn and hard to master.

Sona is still the top dog of music, Seraphine | © Riot Games

She works well with the champions that are currently part of the meta, however, and her place as one of the best picks is guaranteed, both in low elo, due to the low skill requirement, and high elo due to her scaling.

Support Tier List in LoL Patch 13.4: The Other Support Champions

Champions are not made or broken by their win rates. There are still a couple of factors to take into account, such as player preference, player skill, matchup, and even their pick rate. So, let's take a look at where the rest of the support picks lie in Patch 13.4.

The A-Tier Support Picks of Patch 13.4

These are the picks you go for when the S-Tier are banned. They're solid picks and will get you the W, but it won't be as strong as the S-Tier. So if you want a good win/loss rate, then these are some of the best picks you can choose in the current League of Legends support meta.

Support Tier List
Engage supports are climbing the ranks, hard | © Riot Games
  • Taric - Win Rate 52.94%, Pick Rate: 1.7%
  • Rakan - Win Rate: 53% Pick Rate: 10.5%
  • Soraka - Win Rate: 52.29% Pick Rate: 6.2%
  • Nautilus - Win Rate; 51% Pick Rate: 11.1%

It's incredibly refreshing seeing so many engage supports have their own place in the sun. That is, they take an actually useful place in the current support meta, and not only that, but they are supports in the first place, instead of junglers.

Aside from Rell, who is being used in a similar playstyle, but with worse results, to Amumu we also have Nautilus joining their ranks. And, luckily for the healthiness of the game, Maokai is not a menace in the support role, as he was feared becoming.

On the other hand, the support with extreme potential for this patch is, in-fact, Thresh. However, his playstyle is harder to pull off consistently for lower elo players, thus his lower rank.

The F-Tier Support Picks of Patch 13.4

On the opposite side of overpowered, we have the following picks. Whether they are part of a long-forgotten off-meta or have just fallen out of favor with the current meta we find ourselves in, these are the champions you pull out only when playing normal games with a five-man premade. They, at least, will not mind you initing their game with your pick.

  • Galio - Win Rate: 49.57%, Pick Rate: 0.2%
  • Yuumi - Win Rate: 41% Pick Rate: 3.0%
  • Pantheon - Win Rate: 48.68% Pick Rate: 0.5%

Running blindly at your enemies is not making a comeback, ever, it seems. If you want to play a kill lane, pick Amumu in this patch, it's a far better option. One of the best, actually. Though, with the change in eclipse, Pantheon is no longer as useless as he was previously.

Whatever you do, though, for the sake of your team, and your laning partner, don't pick Yuumi!