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These supports will make it much easier for your carries to play the game in patch 14.10!

LoL: Support Tier List For Patch 14.10

Patch Notes 16-05-2024 17:43

Do you want to make fancy plays or are you happy empowering your bot lane friend? We have a champion for every occasion on our support tier list for League of Legends patch 14.10!

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Who will be our S-Tier supports? Spoiler: It's not Braum | ©Riot Games

This League of Legends Patch saw some major changes to the bot lane. Brand-new items were introduced and there have also been quite a few changes to the rune system. Changes to some enchanter items and tank items will also cause quite the stir in the support role. 

So, what exactly changed and how has it affected the support meta? Let's check it out! 

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Support Tier List For LoL Patch 14.10: These Are The Best Supports

3. Rell

Rell is back to dominate the bot lane. With an incredible win rate of 54.08% she is one of the best picks in the bot lane right now.

High Noon Rell
Rell is not a jungler anymore but a great support. | © Riot Games


Rell is designed as a staunch tank. Begin her build with Locket of the Iron Solari to bolster your bot lane carry’s damage output through its passive benefits. Next, consider Knight’s Vow for additional armor, enhancing your protective capabilities.

For your third item, it's situational, but pairing Zeke's Convergence with an AD bot laner often yields excellent results and is highly recommended.


Rell reaches a significant power spike at level 6. Once she acquires her ultimate, she can cluster enemies together and momentarily disable them, setting up potential team fight wins.


Rell struggles against champions like Blitzcrank or Bard, who can wear her down with their poking and disruption, making it difficult for her to perform effectively.

Good Synergy:

You'll want to match Rell with a champion like Tristana. You can dominate the early game and take towers with ease. This makes them quite a scary duo since you can go in aggressively, but still escape with your lives. 

2. Thresh

Thresh is an extremely powerful champ and stays in our Top 3 as the best initiator in the current meta. He currently has a solid win rate of 51.58%.

Pulsefire Thresh
I love Thresh and he is going to shake up solo queue. | © Riot Games


Thresh’s optimal first item is Locket of the Iron Solari, followed by Knight’s Vow for its supportive benefits. As for your third choice, consider either Frozen Heart or Zeke's Convergence depending on what your team needs more in terms of defense or offensive support.


Thresh is a solid choice in most scenarios, but his effectiveness increases as the game progresses due to his scaling tankiness and sustained presence in extended fights. At level 1, his hook ability makes him an imposing lane bully.


When playing Thresh, it’s advisable to steer clear of champions like Zyra, whose stuns and damaging plants can disrupt your play. Thresh also finds it tough to go up against Renata Glasc and Taric, who can counter his playstyle effectively.

Good Synergy:

Thresh pairs well with many champions, particularly traditional marksmen such as Caitlyn or Jinx. His ability to hook enemies complements these ADCs well, allowing them to safely deal damage while he engages.

1. Pyke

Pyke is one of the best champions in the game right now, and he is dominating the bot lane with a win rate of 53.19%.

Project pyke
Are you ready for Pyke in all your games? | © Riot Games


Start Pyke off with Umbral Glaive for the additional damage and Lethality it provides to your ADC. Follow up with Youmuu's Ghostblade as the second item to enhance his attack damage, a clear benefit in combat. For the third item, it depends on the game's demands; choose between Edge of Night for defensive utility or Axiom Arc for increased sustain.


Pyke comes into his own during the mid to late stages of the game. His ability to engage effectively with his toolkit, including his notorious hook, enables him to dominate teamfights and potentially secure multiple kills.


Maokai presents a challenging matchup for Pyke, with his multiple stuns and significant damage output. It’s crucial to maintain distance from Maokai to avoid being caught by his ultimate and other crowd control abilities.

Good Synergy:

Pyke pairs well with champions like Tristana and Karthus. Tristana's ability to close distances complements Pyke’s melee range, making them formidable in close-quarters combat. Meanwhile, Karthus can inflict massive damage during and post-mortem, which sets up Pyke to execute his ultimate effectively.

Support Tier List For LoL Patch 14.10

Now that we've covered some of the S-Tier champions in LoL Patch 14.10, let's take a look at where some of your other favorite champions stand. Which of these picks is your main?

Support tier list 14 10 with f tier
All the support champions. | © Riot Games

Who Are Our A-Tier Support Champions?

The A-Tier champions are still considered excellent picks. These are champions you can easily select and still win games. They are your go-to choices when the S-Tier champions are banned. If you want to climb the solo queue ladder, these are the picks to master this patch.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate










You have a lot of interesting options this time around. You can go for a tank like Alistar or an enchanter like Nami, though most of the enchanters have dropped pretty low this time around. 

Blitzcrank and Nautilus are always fun, especially in lower elos where players just don't know how to avoid your hook at all. 

Who Are Our F-Tier Support Champions?

We recommend avoiding these picks in this patch, either because of their abysmal win rates or due to nerfs in the patch.


Win Rate

Pick Rate



Please avoid these picks for your own sake and the sake of your lane partner. These aren't the picks you want in your soloq ueue games right now. 

These are the best support champions in LoL Patch 14.10. Do you agree with the rankings, or do you think your favorite champion should be higher or lower?