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These supports will make it much easier for your carries to play the game in patch 14.7!

LoL: Support Tier List For Patch 14.7

Patch Notes 04-04-2024 17:32

Do you want to make fancy plays or are you happy empowering your bot lane friend? We have a champion for every occasion on our support tier list for League of Legends patch 14.7!

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Who will be our S-Tier supports? Spoiler: It's not Braum | ©Riot Games

Whether you aspire to channel your inner Hylissang or simply want to be a supportive teammate, this support tier list for patch 14.7 in League of Legends will help you determine who to play!

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Support Tier List For LoL Patch 14.7: These Are The Best Supports

3. Blitzcrank

Zenith Games Blitzcrank
One Q and your enemy is gone. | © Riot Games

Blitzcrank is always a superb early season pick, boasting a 51.09% win rate.


Rush Mobi boots into Trailblazer.


Blitzcrank is always spiking whenever he is hitting a Q.


Blitzcranks weakness are champions that can straight up brawl him.

Good Synergy:

Blitzcrank works really well with champions that have a stun and guarantee his hook.

2. Zyra

Zyra is back in business! | © Riot Games

Zyra has finally found her way back into the meta. She is currently sitting at a whopping 53.27% win rate and has barely any counters. 


Zak'Zaks Realmspike into Liandries is a very potent combo that deals huge damage to tanks and squishies alike. Once you have the Rylais as well, you basically become a teamfight god.


Zak'Zaks Realmspike is your biggest powerspike.


Zyra gets countered by Maokai and Bard.

Good Synergy:

Zyra is great with every ADC, but is excellent with MF and Jhin.

1. Morgana

Morgana Exiled Skin
Morgana is great versus engage supports. | © Riot Games

Morgana is excellent versus all the engage supports at the moment. She has a 50.73% Winrate right now.


With Morgana, you want to rush Liandries into Zhonyas.


Morgana spikes with Zhonyas as she can cast her ult a lot safer.


Counters to Morgana are champions with loads of dashes or low cc comps, where her blackshield is useless.

Good Synergy:

Morgana does well with high DPS champs which profit from her peel like Kog'Maw, Twitch, Vayne and Ashe.

Support Tier List For LoL Patch 14.7 

Now that we've covered some of the S-Tier champions in LoL Patch 14.5, let's take a look at where some of your other favorite champions stand. Which of these picks is your main?

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Tierlist for 14.7 for Supports

Who Are Our A-Tier Support Champions?

The A-Tier champions are still considered excellent picks. These are champions you can easily select and still win games. They are your go-to choices when the S-Tier champions are banned. If you want to climb the solo queue ladder, these are the picks to master this patch.

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Brand 51.35% 6.0%
Xerath 50.67% 4.9%

Brand is still one of the most broken champions in the game if you hit abilities.

Soraka recently got buffed and is very good now.

Who Are Our D-Tier Support Champions?

We recommend avoiding these picks in this patch, either because of their abysmal win rates or due to nerfs in the patch.

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Veigar 44.65% 0.8%
Seraphine 48.58% 3.7%

Miss Fortune

41.39% 0.8%





Some of these champions are still quite alright, and it hurts to see genuinely cool characters like Swain and Nautilus at the bottom when they can actually carry games alone!

These are the best support champions in LoL Patch 14.7. Do you agree with the rankings, or do you think your favorite champion should be higher or lower?

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