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TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Patch Notes: All New Units, Traits, Mechanics

Patch Notes 21-11-2023 14:31

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble just released and we are just as hyped as you. Here are all the new units and traits for you!

TFT Remix Rumble Key Art 1920 X1080
TFT Set 10: Rumble Remix is here and it is a blast! | © Riot Games

It's already Set 10, can you believe it? It's crazy how far this autobattler has come, and there's no end in sight as popularity even increases.

This Set is all about music. And I mean, well, who doesn't love music?

But let's dive right into the new most important mechanic of the Set, which is the Headliner!

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble: New Mechanics


  • Purchases at 2-stars from the shop
  • Add an additional plus one to one of their traits
  • Have unique Headliner bonuses
  • Appear in every shop when you do not have a Headliner
  • Appear in 1 in 4 shops even when you DO have a Headliner (pivoting is welcome)
  • You must sell your current Headliner to purchase a new one
  • Headliners take 3 units from the pool
  • Headliners have a small amount of anti-repitition
  • Headliners for units with less than half their total unit copies in the pool are not offered


  • Portals are toned down massively.

Legends Removed

  • Legends have been removed.

Leveling Changes

  • Level 10 is now the max level you can achieve at any point
  • Level 5 to 6: 24 ⇒ 20xp
  • Level 6 to 7: 40 ⇒ 36xp
  • Level 7 to 8: 60 ⇒ 48xp
  • Level 8 to 9: 84 ⇒ 80xp
  • Level 9 to 10: 100 ⇒ 84xp
  • Total XP need to hit max: 228 ⇒ 288

Shop Odds

  • Level 6: 25/40/30/5/0% ⇒ 30/40/25/5/0%
  • Level 7: 19/30/40/10/1% ⇒ 19/35/35/10/1%
  • Level 8: 16/20/35/25/4% ⇒ 18/25/36/18/3%
  • Level 9: 9/15/30/30/16% ⇒ 10/20/25/35/10%
  • Level 10: 5/10/20/40/25 (No change)

Unit Pool Changes

  • 1-cost copies: 29 ⇒ 22
  • 2-cost copies: 22 ⇒ 20
  • 3-cost copies: 18 ⇒ 17
  • 4-cost copies: 12 ⇒ 10
  • 5-cost copies: 10 ⇒ 9

Player Damage

  • Base Stage Damage: 0/3/4/6/9/15 ⇒ 0/3/5/7/9/15
  • 4th Unit Alive: 2 ⇒ 1 Damage

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble: Units

1 Cost Units

Arcade corki
Corki is a 1-cost unit with his Q ability and a really gimmicky game automat|©Riot Games

Corki (8-bit, Big Shot)

  • Deal physical damage to the current target and Wound it for a few seconds.
  • Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%

Tahm Kench (Country, Bruiser)

  • Passive: Each instance of damage taken is reduced by a %.

Nami (Disco, Dazzler)

  • Deal magic damage to the current target and Stun them for 1.5 seconds.

Taric (Disco, Guardian)

  • Gain a Shield for 4 seconds. Taric's next 2 attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Annie (Emo, Spellweaver)

  • Passive: After casting 4 times, gain 50% Attack Speed and target 1 additional nearby enemy with casts. 
  • Active: Deal magic damage to the current target.
Annie is going to be so fun to play. | © Riot Games

K'Sante (Heartsteel, Sentinel)

  • Enter a defensive stance, reducing damage taken by for 2.5 seconds. Afterwards, deal physical damage to the current target.

Evelynn (K/DA, Crowd Diver)

  • Deal magic damage to the current target. For 4 seconds, gain 120% Attack Speed and restore 25/30/35 Health on attack.

Lillia (K/DA, Superfan, Sentinel)

  • Deal magic damage to adjacent enemies. Heal Lillia and her nearest ally.

Olaf (Pentakill, Bruiser)

  • Passive: Heal 20/25/30 Health on attack. For every 1% missing Health, gain Attack Speed.

Vi (Punk, Mosher)

  • Deal physical damage to the current target, Stun them for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds, and reduce their Armor by for the rest of combat. If the target has more current Health than Vi, deal more damage instead.
Jinx and the punk gang are all here! | © Riot Games

Jinx (Punk, Rapidfire)

  • Passive Minigun: Attacks grant Attack Speed.
  • Passive Rocket Launcher: Attacks deal bonus physical damage.
  • Active: Swap between Minigun and Rocket Launcher.

Yasuo (True Damage, Edgelord)

  • Deal damage to the current target. If they die, permanently gain 1% Attack Damage (doubled in HyperRoll).
  • Bling Bonus: Synthesizer Strike executes enemies under 15% Health

Kennen (True Damage, Superfan, Guardian)

  • Discharge 2 Jolts over 2 seconds. Each Jolt deals magic damage to a random enemy within range and Stuns them for 0.75 second.
  • Bling Bonus: Discharge at an additional target for 50% damage and Stun duration.

2 Cost Units

Space Groove Gragas
Gragas is getting groovy in Set 10 Remix Rumble|©Riot Games

Garen (8-bit, Sentinel)

  • Gain max Health. Garen's next attack deals physical damage.

Katarina (Country, Crowd Diver)

  • Throw a blade at the current target that bounces 3 times, dealing magic damage and applying Wound for 6 seconds.
  • Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%

Gragas (Disco, Spellweaver, Bruiser)

  • Heal 500/575/650 Health over 2 seconds. Then, deal magic damage to adjacent enemies and Chill them for 3 seconds.
  • Chill: Reduce Attack Speed by 30%

Jax (EDM, Mosher)

  • Leap at the highest Health enemy within 2 hexes and deal magic damage to them. Then, deal magic damage to all adjacent enemies. Gain 10% Attack Damage and Ability Power for the rest ofcombat.
Aphelios and Heartsteel are ready to take the stage. | © Riot Games

Aphelios (Heartsteel, Rapidfire)

  • Fire a blast at the current target. It deals physical damage to the first enemy it hits and physical damage to adjacent enemies. Stun the unit hit for 1.5/1.5/2 seconds. If they are dead, Stun the adjacent units for 1 secondinstead.

Bard (Jazz, Dazzler)

  • Play a tune of 4 random notes from the following:
  • Doot: Deal magic damage to the current target.
  • Chime: Heal the lowest health ally for Health.
  • Tip: Drop 1 gold and play another note. (Gain 3 Gold in Hyper Roll!)

Kai'Sa (K/DA, Big Shot)

  • Dash up to 2 hexes and fire a missile at the current target. It deals physical damage to the first enemy hit.

Seraphine (K/DA, Spellweaver)

  • Send a high note to the largest clump of units. It deals magic damage to nearby enemies and heals nearby allies.

Kayle (Pentakill, Edgelord)

  • For 5 seconds, attacks deal bonus magic damage in a wave behind the target and Shred for 4 seconds. Afterwards, deal to enemies around the current target. Finally, deal damage to enemies around that target.
  • Shred: Reduce Magic Resist by 30%
The superfan Gnar is here for his favorite band. | © Riot Games

Gnar (Pentakill, Superfan, Mosher)

  • Leap over the current target and transform for the rest of combat, gaining Health and 70% Attack Damage. Subsequent casts deal physical damage to the current target.

Twitch (Punk, Executioner)

  • Deal physical damage to enemies within 1 hex of the current target. Deal to random enemies within 2 hexes of the target 6 times, increased by 1 for each time the physical damage critically struck.
  • Throw a bottle at the current target, which deals 90/162/292 physical damage to enemies within 1 hex. It explodes into 6 shards; each dealing 35/50/80 magic damage to a random enemy within 2 hexes. Each enemy critically struck by the bottle creates 1 more shard.

Pantheon (Punk, Guardian)

  • Reduce damage taken by for 2.5 seconds. Afterwards, deal physical damage to the 3 enemies who dealt the most damage to Pantheon during the duration.

Senna (True Damage, Rapidfire)

  • Fire a blast of sound at the current target's location. It pulses 3 times, dealing magic damage to enemies within a 1 hex radius each time.
  • Bling Bonus: -15 max Mana

3 Cost Units

High Noon Samira
Let's shoot people. Or sing country songs! Roughly the same...|©Riot Games

Riven (8-bit, Edgelord)

  • For the next 6 seconds, gain Shield and deal bonus physical damage to the target and enemies adjacent to them on attack.

Samira (Country, Executioner)

  • Passive: Attacks that Critically Strike grant a stack of Style, up to 6 stacks. Each stack grants Attack Speed.
  • Active: Deal physical damage to the current target, then another physical damage per Style stack. Afterwards, reset Style.

Urgot (Country, Mosher)

  • For 8 seconds, convert bonus Attack Speed to Attack Damage. Attacks deal physical damage in a cone and grant Urgot 20% of the damage dealt as a 5 second Shield.

Lux (EDM, Dazzler)

  • Fire a beam at the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to all enemies it hits.

Vex (Emo, Executioner)

  • Toss a shadow at the current target. It Stuns enemies within 1 hex for 1.5 seconds. Afterwards, it deals magic damage to enemies within 1 hex.
Amumu is ready to get his emo on! | © Riot Games

Amumu (Emo, Guardian)

  • Passive: When attacked, gain 4 Armor (stacks up to 25 times).
  • Active: Deal magic damage to adjacent enemies. Every 3rd cast has double radius and Stuns enemies hit for 1.5 seconds.

Sett (Heartsteel, Bruiser, Mosher)

  • Deal magic damage to the current target and magic damage to enemies in a cone around them. Gain 375/425/475 Shield for 2 seconds, increased by 1 for every 4 missing Health.

Yone (Heartsteel, Edgelord, Crowd Diver)

  • Gain stacking Omnivamp for the rest of combat. Slash twice, dealing physical damage to enemies in a cone each time.
  • Omnivamp: Heal for percentage of damage dealt

Lulu (Hyperpop, Spellweaver)

  • Fire a bolt toward the current target. It deals magic damage to the first unit it passes through and magic damage to the second unit it hits. Every third cast, Stun the 3 nearest enemies for 1.25 seconds and deal magic damage to them instead.

Miss Fortune (Jazz, Big Shot)

  • Deal physical damage to the current target and physical damage to the closest enemy behind them. If either die, gain Attack Speed for 4 seconds.
Neeko is a K/DA superfan! | © Riot Games

Neeko (K/DA, Superfan, Guardian)

  • Cosplay the highest Health teammate and gain 250/300/350 Shield + 5% of the teammate's Health for 4 seconds. 
  • When it breaks, deal 70/90/115% of its initial value as magic damage to adjacent enemies.

Mordekaiser (Pentakill, Sentinel)

  • Gain Shield and deal magic damage to adjacent enemies over 3 seconds. Afterwards, deal magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • When Face-Melter kills, gain 4% Ability Power and Attack Damage, and 4 Armor and MagicResist.

Ekko (True Damage, Spellweaver, Sentinel)

  • Deal magic damage to enemies within 2 hexes and Stun them for 1.5 seconds. Gain Shield for 4 seconds.
  • Bling Bonus: While the Shield is up, heal 100 every second.

4 Cost Units

Empyrean Zac splash
Zac is a 4 cost unit again and raves to some EDM|©Riot Games

Caitlyn (8-bit, Rapidfire)

  • Shoot at the 4 furthest enemies. Shots deal physical damage to the first enemy hit.

Thresh (Country, Guardian)

  • Stun the largest group of nearby enemies for 1.75/2/8 seconds and deal magic damage to each. 
  • Thresh heals for 320/450/1200 + 50% of the total damage dealt.

Twisted Fate (Disco, Dazzler)

  • Throw 24 cards divided between the current target and 3 nearest enemies. They reduce Magic Resist by 1 and deal magic damage.

Blitzcrank (Disco, Sentinel)

  • Passive: Deal magic damage to a nearby enemy every 2 seconds.
  • Active: Gain a Shield. For 5 seconds, deal Passive damage every second instead. Enemies hit take an additional 0% of their max Health as magic damage.

Zac (EDM, Bruiser)

  • Bounce 3 times on nearby enemies. Each time, deal magic damage, stun them for 1 second, and heal.
Zed is going to be so fun to have on your board. | © Riot Games

Zed (EDM, Crowd Diver)

  • Mark the current target and spawn an untargetable Shadow with Attack Damage for 4 seconds. After a brief delay or when the marked enemy falls below a specific health threshhold, deal an additional physical damage.

Poppy (Emo, Mosher)

  • Passive: Gain Attack Damage based on bonus Health.
  • Active: Gain 100 Armor and Magic Resistance for 6 seconds and hammer the nearest enemy 3 times, dealing physical damage and healing on each hit. If this kills an enemy, slam an additional times.

Ezreal (Heartsteel, Big Shot)

  • Blink away from the current target and deal physical damage to them. Every 3rd cast, deal physical damage to all enemies in a line.

Akali(1) (K/DA, Breakout, Executioner)

  • Deal physical damage to the furthest unmarked enemy and mark them. Dash to every marked enemy and deal physical damage to each.
Ahri is so good. | © Riot Games

Ahri (K/DA, Spellweaver)

  • Blow a kiss at the current target. It deals magic damage and briefly Stuns them. If the target has been kissed before, deal magic damage instead.

Viego (Pentakill, Edgelord)

  • Slam on the nearest hex that would strike the most enemies, dealing physical damage to enemies within two hexes and marking them for 5 seconds. Marked enemies take 10% increased damage from all sources.
  • Attacks on marked enemies deal physical damage instead.

Karthus (Pentakill, Executioner)

  • Deal magic damage to the 5 lowest Health enemies. Gain 10 Mana for each that dies.

Akali(2) (True Damage, Breakout, Executioner)

  • Deal physical damage split between the closest three enemies three times. For each enemy that survives, refund mana.
  • Bling Bonus: Heal for 20 of the damage dealt.

5 Cost Units

Pentakill Yorick Olaf Kayle
Pentakill is here with Yorick being a 5 cost

Kayn (Heartsteel, Wildcard, Edgelord)

  • Dash, then deal magic damage to all adjacent enemies and Chill them for 3 seconds. If Kayn only hits one target, he immediately casts again.
  • Chill: Reduce Attack Speed by 20%

Ziggs (Hyperpop, Dazzler)

  • Throw a bomb at the current target that deals magic damage. It splits into 5 bombs that Shred their target for 4 seconds and deal magic damage. Each cast increases the number of bombs by 2. 
  • Shred: Reduce Magic Resist by 30%

Illaoi (ILLBEATS, Bruiser)

  • Passive: Every 3 seconds, Illaoi's tentacles deal magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • Active: Revive or fully heal the lowest current Health tentacle. Leap at the nearest enemy, then deal magic damage in a large circle 3 times. Tentacles slam in rhythm. Gain 100/150/400 Armor and Magic Resist while casting.
Lucian and Jazz music? Fits so well together. | © Riot Games

Lucian (Jazz, Rapidfire)

  • Fire 17 shots toward the furthest enemy. Each shot explodes on the first enemy hit, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and reducing their Armor by 3/5/20 for the rest of combat.

Jhin (Maestro, Big Shot)

  • Passive: If your bench has 4 Grand Finale Rifles, begin conducting instead of attacking. Each Rifle deals physical damage.
  • Active: Put 1/1/9 Grand Finale Rifle into one of your empty benchslots.

Sona (Mixmaster, Spellweaver)

  • Passive: Attacks instead send a beat to an ally, healing them for 3/5/100% of their maximum Health.
  • Active: Send a beat to all allies and grant them Shield for 6/6/30seconds.

Yorick (Pentakill, Mosher, Guardian)

  • Summon 9/10/25 headbanging zombies pile towards the center of the board. Each deals physical damage three times. Zombies' damage 20% Sunders for 3 seconds.
  • Every other cast also summons a BIG zombie with Health that deals physical damage three times.
  • Sunder: Reduce Armor by 20%

Qiyana (True Damage, Crowd Diver)

  • Copy 1/2/3 of the current target's completed items and throw them to an ally they'd look really good on. Knock the current target back and deal physical damage. If no item was copied, knockback further and deal an additional true damage.
  • Bling Bonus: After Sample & Remix kills a champion with a copyable item, create a permanent component based on the copied item. (Gain both in HyperRoll!)

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble: Traits


Gain 5% Attack Damage and begin keeping score. When your team deals damage, your score goes up. For every high score you've beaten, 8-bit champions gain more Attack Damage.

  • (2) 3.5% per high score.
  • (4) 6% per high score.
  • (6) 10% per high score and unlock a grand prize upon reaching the top high score.

Champions: Corki(1), Garen(2), Riven(3), Caitlyn(4)


High noon hecarim
Hecarim comes to support you in the wild west|©Riot Games

When your team loses 30% of their Health, a Dreadsteed charges onto the battlefield and empowers your team. Each Country star level increases its Health and Attack Damage.

  • (3) Dreadsteed
  • (5) Midnight Dreadsteed
  • (7) Infernal Invocation Dreadsteed

Champions: Tahm Kench(1), Katarina(2), Urgot(3), Samira(3), Thresh(4)


Gain a placeable Disco Ball. On combat start and every few seconds, champions next to it gain stacking Attack Speed and are healed for a percentage of their max Health.

  • (3) 5% , 2% 
  • (4) 10% , 3% 
  • (5) Gain another Disco Ball; 15% , 3% 
  • (6) 20% , 5%

Champions: Nami(1), Taric(2), Gragas(2), Twisted Fate(4), Blitzcrank(4)


Use the EDM selector to sample a champion.

Periodically, EDM champions transform into the sampled champion, sampling their Attack Damage and Ability Power and casting their Ability.

  • (2) 80% stats
  • (3) 90% stats
  • (4) Casts 1 second more frequently, 100% stats
  • (5) Casts 2 seconds more frequently, 120% stats

Champions: Jax(2), Lux(3), Zac(4), Zed(4)


Emumu splash
Emumu has finally found friends|©Riot Games

Emo Champions have reduced maximum mana. Whenever an ally dies, Emo Champions gain Mana.

  • (2) -20% , +10 gained
  • (4) -25% , +20 gained
  • (6) -30% , +25 gained. Emo Champions gain 20 AP

Champions: Annie(1), Vex(3), Amumu(3), Poppy(4)


Earn Hearts by killing enemies. Gain even more by losing player combat. Every few player combats, convert Hearts into powerful rewards! 

The number of Hearts you gain increases for each HEARTSTEEL member in play.

  • (3) 1x Hearts
  • (5) 2.5x Hearts
  • (7) 5.5x Hearts
  • (9) 10x Hearts

Champions: K'Sante(1), Aphelios(2), Sett(3), Yone(3), Ezreal(4), Kayn(5)


Grant Mana and seconds of Attack Speed to their closest allies after casting.

  • (1) 3 and 10% 
  • (2) 5 and 20% 
  • (4) 8 and 40%

Champions: Lulu(3), Ziggs(5)


  • (1) Gain 2/2/8 placeable Spirit Tentacles, based on Illaoi's star level. Tentacles gain Illaoi's bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

Champions: Illaoi(5)


Your team gains bonus Health and deals bonus damage for each active non-unique trait.

  • (2) 1% , 0% Damage
  • (3) 2% , 1% Damage
  • (4) 5% , 2% Damage

Champions: Bard(2), Miss Fortune(3), Lucian(5)


K DA Pop Stars Akali
K/DA is making their comeback|©Riot Games

All units that start combat in the lighted hexes gain max Health, Ability Power, and Attack Damage. K/DA champions go All Out, which doubles these bonuses.

  • (3) +10%, 10 AP
  • (5) +15%, 15 AP
  • (7) +23%, 24 AP
  • (10) +50%, 80 AP

Your lighted hex pattern changes each game.

Champions: Evelynn(1), Lillia(1), Kai'Sa(2), Seraphine(2), Neeko(3), Akali(4), Ahri(4)


Jhin has an Attack Speed of 0.9 and converts 1% bonus Attack Speed into 0.5% Attack Damage. 

While conducting, Jhin's rifles fire at the same rate and he gains 10 Mana per volley. Every 4th volley deals 200% damage.

Champions: Jhin(5)


DJ Sona splash
Sona is mixing the best songs right now. | © Riot Games

The Mixmaster chooses a mode to modify their attacks and Ability.

Champions: Sona(5)


Pentakill champions deal more damage and reduce damage by 15%. When an enemy champion dies, empower a Pentakill champion, increasing their bonus damage.

The 5th kill empowers all Pentakill champions and your team gains Attack Speed.

  • (3) 15% bonus damage
  • (5) 30% bonus damage
  • (7) 45% bonus damage
  • (10) 110% bonus damage, +50% damage reduction

Champions: Olaf(1), Kayle(2), Gnar(2), Mordekaiser(3), Viego(4), Karthus(4), Yorick(5)


Gain bonus Health and Attack Damage. This bonus is increased by 1% each time you spend gold on a Shop refresh.

After Punks fight in combat, your 1st Shop refresh costs 1 gold and grants a first roll bonus.

  • (2) +170 and +17% 
  • (4) +280 and +28% 
  • (6) +420 and +42%

Champions: Jinx(1), Vi(1), Twitch(2), Pantheon(2)

True Damage

True Damage Qiyana
True Damage is taking the throne|©Riot Games

Deal bonus true damage. True Damage champions holding an item gain a unique Bling Bonus for their Ability.

  • (2) 15% damage
  • (4) 30% damage
  • (6) 45% damage
  • (9) 125% damage, Bling Bonuses go Platinum

Champions: Yasuo(1), Kennen(1), Senna(2), Ekko(3), Akali(4), Qiyana(5)


If you win combat with Kayn, he becomes the Shadow Assassin. If you don't, Rhaast takes over instead. 

Every time he kills 2 enemy champions, you gain a reward based on his form.

  • Shadow Assassin: 3 Gold.
  • Rhaast: 1 Tactician Health.

Champions: Kayn(5)

Big Shot

Gain Attack Damage. This bonus is increased for 3 seconds when Big Shot champions use their Ability.

  • (2) 10%, 40% after casting
  • (4) 15%, 60% after casting
  • (6) 20%, 100% after casting

Champions: Corki(1), Kai'Sa(2), Miss Fortune(3), Ezreal(4), Jhin(5)


(1) Akali is a member of KDA or True Damage depending on which Trait has more fielded champions. She gains a different Ability depending on which form she takes.

Champions: Akali(4)


Your units gain 100 Health. Bruisers gain additional maximum Health.

  • (2) +20% max 
  • (4) +40% max 
  • (6) +80% max

Champions: Tahm Kench(1), Olaf(1), Gragas(2), Sett(3), Zac(4), Illaoi(5)

Crowd Diver

Crowd Divers deal bonus damage, plus more damage each second.

When Crowd Divers die, they jump on the furthest enemy, dealing magic damage to them and Stunning enemies within an area of effect for a few seconds.

  • (2) 5% bonus damage
  • (4) 30% bonus damage
  • (6) 70% bonus damage

Champions: Evelynn(1), Katarina(2), Yone(3), Zed(4), Qiyana(5)


Dazzler abilities dazzle enemies for 2 seconds, reducing their target's damage by 25% and dealing a percent of the Ability's damage as bonus magic damage over the duration.

  • (2) 20% magic damage
  • (4) 60% magic damage
  • (6) 100% magic damage

Champions: Nami(1), Bard(2), Lux(3), Twisted Fate(4), Ziggs(5)


Heartsteel 1
Yone and Kaye are being edgy|©Riot Games

Gain Attack Speed. When their target drops target below a maximum Health percentage, double the Attack Speed gained. Melee Edgelords also slash through them on their next attack. 

  • (3) 30% 
  • (5) 45% 
  • (7) 70%

Champions: Yasuo(1), Kayle(2), Riven(3), Yone(3), Viego(4), Kayn(5)


Executioner Abilities can critically strike and they gain Critical Strike Damage. As their target loses Health, Critical Strike Chance increases.

  • (2) 15% . Up to 15% 
  • (4) 30% . Up to 35% 
  • (6) 45% . Up to 55%

Champions: Twitch(2), Samira(3), Vex(3), Akali(4), Karthus(4)


Once per combat at 50% Health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally for a percent of their max Health.

  • (2) 30%
  • (4) 50%
  • (6) 70%

Champions: Kennen(1), Pantheon(2), Amumu(3), Neeko(3), Thresh(4), Yorick(5)

Sett is ready. | © Riot Games


Gain Attack Speed and Omnivamp, increased by up to a maximum based on their missing Health. 

  • (2) 20% , 10% Omnivamp 
  • (4) 30% , 15% Omnivamp 
  • (6) 50% , 20% Omnivamp 

Champions: Vi(1), Jax(2), Gnar(2), Urgot(3), Sett(3), Poppy(4), Yorick(5)


Your units gain Attack Speed.

Rapidfire units gain more every time they attack, up to 10 stacks.

  • (2) 4% 
  • (4) 7% 
  • (6) 12%

Champions: Jinx(1), Senna(2), Aphelios(2), Caitlyn(4), Lucian(5)


Your team gains Armor and Magic Resist. Sentinels gain double.

  • (2) +16 , +16 
  • (4) +35 , +35 
  • (6) +60 , +60 
  • (8) +125 , +125

Champions: K'Sante(1), Lillia(1), Garen(2), Mordekaiser(3), Ekko(3), Blitzcrank(4)


Your team gains Ability Power. Spellweavers gain more. 

Whenever a Spellweaver casts, all Spellweavers gain Ability Power. 

  • (3) 20 , +1 per cast
  • (5) 35 , +1 per cast
  • (7) 60 , +2 per cast
  • (10) 120 , +10 per cast

Champions: Annie(1), Gragas(2), Seraphine(2), Lulu(3), Ekko(3), Ahri(4), Sona(5)


Superfans improve your Headliner!

  • (3) Headliner gets a completed item
  • (4) Headliner gets Bonus Health & Omnivamp
  • (5) Item upgrades to Radiant

Champions: Lillia(1), Kennen(1), Gnar(2), Neeko(3)

TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble: Item Changes

Core Items

Bramble Vest 

  • Armor: 75 ⇒ 55
  • Damage: 75/100/150/200 (by star level) ⇒ 100
  • New: Grants 5% max health.
  • New: Take 8% reduced damage from attacks.
  • No longer reduces Critical Strike Damage

Blue Buff 

  • Ability Power: 25 ⇒ 20
  • No longer grants 10 Mana after Takedowns within 3 seconds of casting their ability.
  • New: After a takedown, deal 15% increased damage for 8 seconds.


  • Attack Damage: 66 ⇒ 55
  • New: Grants 8% bonus damage

Dragon’s Claw 

  • Magic Resist: 65 ⇒ 55
  • New: Grants 5% max health.

Infinity Edge 

  • New: If the holder’s spells can already critically strike, gain 10% Critical Strike Damage

Guinsoo’s Rageblade 

  • Attack Speed: 18% ⇒ 15%
  • AS Per Attack: 4% ⇒ 5%

Jeweled Gauntlet 

  • New: If the holder’s spells can already critically strike, gain 10% Critical Strike Damage


  • New: Burn and Wound apply on Ability and Attack damage.


  • Magic Resist: 30 ⇒ 20
  • CC Immunity: 18s ⇒ 14s
  • New: While CC Immune, gain 6% Attack Speed every 2 seconds (the AS lasts after immunity ends).

Rabadon’s Deathcap 

  • Ability Power: 70 ⇒ 60
  • New: Grants 8% bonus damage

Rapid Firecannon 

  • Replaced with Red Buff

Red Buff 

  • Attack Speed: 45%
  • No longer grants +1 Range
  • Bonus Damage: 8% ⇒ 8% (unchanged)
  • New: Attacks and Abilities 1% Burn and 33% Wound targets for 5s.

Night Harvester 

  • Replaced with Steadfast Heart

Steadfast Heart

  • 200 HP, 20 Armor, 20% Crit Chance
  • Take 8% reduced damage. While above 50% Health, take 15% reduced damage instead.

Warmog’s Armor 

  • Health: 800 ⇒ 650
  • New: +8% Max HP

Artifact Items

Deathfire Grasp 

  • Mana: 30 ⇒ 15
  • Ability Power: 50 ⇒ 45

Diamond Hands

  • Has been added to the Artifact pool
  • Health: 300 ⇒ 400
  • Gold Per Proc: 2 ⇒ 1

Gambler’s Blade 

  • Has been added to the Artifact pool
  • AP: 20 ⇒ 10
  • AS: 15% ⇒ 20%
  • Gold Cap: 60 ⇒ 30
  • Trigger Chance: 6% ⇒ 4%

Gold Collector 

  • Gold Chance: 40% ⇒ 45%

Goldmancer’s Staff 

  • Mana: 0 ⇒ 15


  • Bonus Health: 550 ⇒ 600

Mogul’s Mail 

  • Health: 150 ⇒ 200

Sniper’s Focus 

  • Damage Increase Per Hex: 8% ⇒ 9%

Radiant Items

Baron’s Gift (Nashor’s Tooth) 

  • AS on Proc: 60% ⇒ 80%

Blue Blessing (Blue Buff) 

  • No longer grants 20 Mana after Takedowns within 3 seconds of casting their ability.
  • After a takedown, deal 25% increased damage for 12 seconds.
  • AP: 50 ⇒ 60

Covalent Spark (Ionic Spark) 

  • MR: 25 ⇒ 50

Dragon’s Will (Dragon’s Claw) 

  • Magic Resist: 130 ⇒ 115
  • Grants 8% max health.

Equinox (Evenshroud) 

  • Health: 400 ⇒ 500
  • Hex Range: 2 ⇒ 3

Guinsoo’s Reckoning (Rageblade) 

  • Attack Speed Per Attack: 8% ⇒ 10%

Luminous Deathblade 

  • Attack Damage: 125% ⇒ 105%
  • Grants 12% bonus damage

More More-ellonomicon

  • Burn and Wound apply on Ability and Attack damage.
  • AP: 40 ⇒ 50

Quickestsilver (Quicksilver) 

  • Magic Resist: 40 ⇒ 30
  • For 14s, gain 7% Attack Speed every 2 seconds.

Rabadon’s Ascended Deathcap

  • Ability Power: 130 ⇒ 110
  • Grants 12% bonus damage

Rapid Lightcannon

  • Name and icon replaced with Crest of Cinders (Red Buff)
  • No longer grants +2 Range
  • Bonus Damage: 12% ⇒ 10%
  • Attack Speed: 50% ⇒ 70%
  • Attacks 3% Burn and 50% Wound targets.

Rosethorn Vest

  • Armor: 140 ⇒ 120
  • Damage: 150/175/225/400 ⇒ 175
  • Grants 8% max health.
  • Take 20% reduced damage from attacks.
  • No longer reduces Critical Strike Damage

Royal Crownshield (Crownguard) 

  • HP: 100 ⇒ 250

Spirit of the Colossus (Steadfast Heart)

  • 500 HP, 40 Armor, 20% Crit Chance
  • Take 9% reduced damage. While above 40% Health, take 18% reduced damage instead.

Warmog’s Pride (Warmog’s Armor) 

  • Health: 1300 ⇒ 1000
  • Gain 12% max health.
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