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How to Get Free Eclipse Event Capsule

Eclipse Sivir
According to some info, we could be getting free stuff. | © Riot Games

Event Milestones are being added into the League of Legends client and with it, we're also going to receive some free things like skin shards and potentially even Mythic Essence

How can you get your hands on this free content, though? It isn't every day that Riot is giving away stuff without you having to pay anything, right? Sure, we had the Arcane event where we got a bunch of free skins, but that isn't something that happens every day, right? So let's check out what Riot has in store for us. 


Second Phase of Mythic Overhaul Started

With the Eclipse Event, the second phase of the Mythic Overhaul has started. The first phase included the revamped mythic shop with Ashen Knight Pyke being the first new mythic skin, as well as the addition of multiple unvaulted prestige skins. 

In the second phase, we're getting introduced to Showcase Milestones with which players are able to gain various rewards by opening event capsules. By working through these milestones players can get some cool stuff. 

Eclipse Event 2022 Missions for Free Capsules

In celebration of the addition of the second phase of the Mythic Overhaul, Riot has added some 'presents' for players to enjoy and those are free capsules and a free Grab Bag, but how do you get your hands on them? 

As is usual with events, there are some missions only available to players who pay for the event pass, while other missions are completely free and will give you event tokens, which you can exchange for skin shards, blue essence, keys and other stuff. 

For the launch of Milestones missions Riot has added two free missions for players to earn these rewards: 

  • 1 Eclipse 2022 Capsule
  • 1 Eclipse 2022 Grab Bag

The Eclipse 2022 Capsule will give 3 skin shards guaranteed and the Grab Bag will also include 3 skin shards, as well as a heightened chance for some free Mythic Essence – if you're lucky. 

When Can You Get the Free Skin Shards? 

The missions for the free Capsule and Grab Bag of the 2022 Eclipse Event should be going live on April 28, 2022. So make sure you log on and check whether the Eclipse event has started to complete your missions for some free loot!