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Mythic Essence | Riot is Giving it Away for FREE

Skins 28-06-2022 21:37
Ashen Pyke Final
This skin can be yours! | © Riot Games

So, you've seen all your opponents lock in Pyke and every single one of them has the new Ashen Knight skin? Well, that's all thanks to the Mythic Essence they've accumulated, but how did they do this? 

Let's check out the newest currency Riot has just introduced with their mythic content revamp. How do you get Mythic Essence and is there a way to get it for free? 


What is Mythic Essence? 

The first and more important question is, of course, what Mythic Essence even is. Before Patch 12.6 Riot had two types of currency with which players could get mythic content such as prestige skins and Hextech skins. Riot Games has now decided to make one mythic currency with which you can get all types of mythic content. 

That's where Mythic Essence comes into play. Your gemstones have been turned into Mythic Essence after League of Legends Patch 12.6. One Gemstone corresponds to 10 Mythic Essence. 

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Prestige Points did not cross over, you had to have used your points in the last-minute-shop before Patch 12.6 went live. 

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How To Get Mythic Essence in League of Legends

Getting Mythic Essence is pretty simple. If you've got some money, you can just get Mythic Essence by purchasing the battle pass for whatever event is going on right now, or you can get it for free by saving it up. 

Getting Mythic Essence for Free

It is possible to get Mythic Essence for free. One of those ways is to open different loot chests and orbs with the hopes of getting some Mythic Essence in the loot. But is League of Legends really a gacha game? Maybe. 

These are the loot items which can contain Mythic Essence: 

  • Hextech Chest
  • Masterwork Chest
  • Orbs from Missions

Free Mythic Essence Thanks to In-Client Events

Players were able to receive free Mythic Essence as a celebratory gift from Riot when they opened up the new Mythic Shop. But there is another in-client event which will give players not just 10 measly Mythic Essence, which equate to 1 Gemstone, but 30 Mythic Essence. 

Riot usually holds the Essence Emporium two times a year, but this summer will be the final Essence Emporium for a while, the event going on hiatus once Riot is done. As compensation, they will implement 3 in-client missions, each worth 10 Mythic Essence. 

Now, I'm not the best at math here, but this means you can earn 30 Mythic Essence simply by completing these missions. 

Can you even get anything with 30 ME though? Let's see what you can get: 

  • Mythic Skin Emote (25 ME)
  • Random Skin Shard (10 ME)
  • 50 Orange Essence (1 ME)
  • 150 Blue Essence (1 ME)

Of course, you can also save it and hope to have enough for the new Ashen Knight skin, or enough to pick up one of the prestige 2.0 skins as well. Though, those will cost a tad bit more than just 10 ME. But if you had some gemstones saved up, then this is your chance! 

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