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Everyone loves free stuff, right?

How to Get Free LoL Skins

Skins 30-06-2022 14:28
Riot Girl Tristana
Is it still possible to get Riot Girl Tristana? | © Riot Games

Skins cost a lot of money, right? Well, what if we told you there was actually a way to get some skins for free? Yes, you read that right, some League of Legends skins don't cost you a single penny. So let's check out all of the skins you're able to get for the cost of 0 RP. 

Riot used to be a bit more generous with their free skins, but they're a corporation these days, sporting multiple games and the main focus is to make a profit after all, eh? But every once in a while they do give away skins for free or have the proceeds go to a good cause. 


How to Get Free Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch For Free

Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch are two skins you're able to receive by reaching Honor Level 5 in League of Legends. By reaching this milestone, players are able to redeem Honor Level 5 tokens and get either of these skins for free. If you already own the skins, you can also choose various chromas in the Honor Level 5 shop. 

Grey warwick RF
Not the best but it is for free right? | © Riot Games

How to Earn Honor Levels? 

Getting Honor levels in League of Legends is pretty simple. Honestly, just don't be an asshole in-game. You'll be able to rake in the honors of your teammates by being a good player, and by earning honors you rank up in the honor system. The final stage is Honor Level 5 wherein you will be gifted the aforementioned token, as well as gain a unique backing animation as well. 

How to Get The Season Reward Skins?

At the end of every League of Legends season, players are able to receive rewards for simply playing League of Legends throughout the season. These rewards are called 'End of Season Rewards' and usually include a skin, as well as a champion for said skin if you don't own it already. 

How do you earn these season rewards, though? Well, you can get the Victorious skin if you reach Gold or higher by the end of the ranked season. So, you'll have to grind to make it out of Silver if you want to have these skins and rewards. At the end of Season 11 players were gifted Victorious Blitzcrank

How to Get Waterloo Miss Fortune?

Waterloo Miss Fortune Splashart
No money needed for this beauty! | © Riot Games

To get this fancy skin for everyone's favourite captain, you'll need to create a new account. If you've already got all the skins you can dream about on your original account, then this might not be worth it for you, but any new player should get this skin. 

Not only do you get special rewards when levelling up in a newly made account, but as a special reward for the first seven games, that are considered first-game-of-the-day, you can either get 500 Orange Essence or pick up the Waterloo Miss Fortune skin. So, basically, all you have to do is play seven days of League and you'll be gifted this skin. Sounds simple enough, eh? 

Get Skins with Amazon Prime 

This option technically isn't free, since you have to pay for the Amazon Prime subscription, but if you're a student it's a pretty cheap monthly fee with a lot of other benefits as well, like free shipping, movies galore and prime gaming. I swear this isn't an advertisement for Amazon Prime... even if it sounds like it. 

Each month players can receive a Prime Gaming capsule which holds RP, Mythic Essence, boosters and one free Epic permanent skin. I've had some bad luck getting Tahm Kench and Zac skins, but my editor has received her dream Arcana skin before. 

How to Earn Triumphant Ryze

Triumphant Ryze Skin Splash Art
Getting it is rather difficult, but not impossible. | © Riot Games

Here's where it gets tricky. You can only get the Triumphant Ryze skin if you win a tournament. It doesn't necessarily have to be one of the professional tournaments. You can check on Battlefy, or Toornament to see if there are any events you can take part in.

Hextech Crafting

In addition to skins as special rewards, there are of course also the many skin shards. Every few summoner levels and whenever you finish a game for the first time in a season with a grade of S or higher, you will receive Hextech Chests. If you behave well and are honored by your teammates, you will get keys to open these chests. Inside are Champion Shards, Emotes and of course Skin Shards.

In the League of Legends crafting tool you're able to either use Orange Essence to unlock a skin shard as a permanent skin, or if you've got a multitude of unwanted skin shards, you're able to fuse three skin shards together to create a random permanent skin. 

I've done my fair share of crafting and often ended up with skins for champions I'll never play, but there is a fun element to it all. It's a bit like gambling, where you don't know what exactly you'll get, but it could always be that Ultimate Ezreal skin you've dreamed of. 

Is it Still Possible to Get Riot Girl Tristana or Black Alistar?

Unfortunately, Riot has stopped the promotions for these skins. Until recently, you could still get them via a support ticket, but Riot has removed that too. As I said, the success seems to have gone to their heads. They don't need promotions any more...

Those are the free skins you're able to get onto your League of Legends account. Which skin are you trying to receive? I've got my eyes on the upcoming Star Guardian Sona skin, maybe one day I'll be lucky... or just have to spend some RP to get the skin if I'm desperate.