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Let's go over Prestige Skins in 2022

Info on Prestige Skins in 2022

Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
Riot is changing prestige points in 2022! | © Riot Games

Until 2022, players had to collect both gems, as well as prestige points, to be able to get all the mythic content their hearts desired. This is going to change halfway through 2022 though. 

In the recent 2022 League of Legends live stream, players finally found out how Riot was going to change the prestige system in 2022 and how you can earn mythic content this year instead. 


New Mythic Currency Introduced

In 2022 we are going to be getting a new currency with which players can receive mythic content – this includes prestige skins. This means prestige points will be retired at some point this year and replaced by Mythic Essence

Mythic Essence will also be replacing gemstones, which can be used to craft Hextech Skins. Once the change to Mythic Essence goes live, players should use up all their prestige points, because they won't be brought over, while gemstones will be turned into Mythic Essence. 

Like in previous chests, you'll be able to pick up Mythic Essence through Masterwork milestones and Masterwork chests, just like you could before with prestige points. 

Rotating Prestige Skin Shop

In the future, there will also be a shop where each month new prestige skins can be purchased with Mythic Essence. Any prestige skins that are over a year old can be part of the shop. 

So, if you missed Prestige Arcade Caitlyn or didn't have a chance to pick up a prestige K/DA skin, you might have a chance of picking up an older prestige skin that you've always wanted. 

Which Prestige Skins Are Unvaulted?

Riot stated that they will unvault three-months wort of skins right off the bat, which means that there will be 6 skins available to pick up: 

  • K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition (200 ME, original owners get a special edition)
  • PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition (150 ME, original owners get a special edition)
  • Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition (150 ME, original owners get a special edition)
  • Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition (125 ME)
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige Edition (125 ME)
  • Battle Queen Diana Prestige Edition (125 ME)
Ashen knights Pyke
A new thematic introduced in 2022. | © Riot Games

What Else Can You Get with Mythic Essence?

Gemstones were previously used to pick up hextech skins, but throughout the year's players have stopped appreciating them, deeming them not special enough for the grind. 

Therefore, Riot will change up their hextech crafting for skins and will introduce yearly thematic skins which can also be picked up with Mythic Essence. The thematic of 2022 is going to be Ashen Knights, with Pyke being shown. 

So, 2022 is going to improve the prestige system and make it much easier to follow. The fact that there will only be one mythic currency is also going to be much easier for players, new and old, to understand how to get rewards in League of Legends. 

Which Prestige Skins Have Been Released in 2022? 

In 2022 we will be getting Prestige skins just like before. But which champions and which prestige skins have already been released? Let's check out all prestige skins already released in 2022: 

  • Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition
  • Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition

Which prestige skin is your favorite and which ones are you hoping for in 2022? Let us know on Facebook