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League of Legends Fans Mad Over "Filler" Skins

Skins 03-04-2023 16:35
Dawnbringer renekton
LoL: Renekton is getting a Dawnbringer skin. | © Riot Games

League of Legends has over 1,500 skins with the release of the Faerie Court Karma legendary skin, but it seems that in recent times, Riot has released quite a few skins that some fans deemed as nothing more than filler to stave over time. 

Riot recently revealed the new Dawnbringer vs. Nightbringer skins along with the brand-new Inkshadow skins, but it seems like some fans aren't happy with the Dawnbringer skins. 

LoL Fans Feel Multiple New Skins Are Mere Filler

League of Legends has a lot of skins and not every single skin out there can be a hit, but it seems that some skins are just being released for the sake of releasing skin. At least that is what players feel these days. Recently, Riot revealed their new Dawnbringer and Nightbringer skins, but the effect wasn't there that this skin line once had. 

Heimerdinger skin when Riot? 

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Some fans feel that these skins can be something akin to "filler" even stating that some skins feel like the "filler" episode of some anime – looking at your Naruto. Riot needs to bring content every two weeks and some skins just feel uninspired and like Riot is forcing themselves to make something for the sake of selling a skin. 

One Twitter user stated that they feel that Riot is butchering the interesting and unique universe that Riot created with Chaos vs Order, as well as the God Kings that are part of this world. They weren't the only one with other fans echoing the same centiment, stating that these skins are a miss. 

On Reddit, some have also complained about the lack of legacy content, explaining that with the return of these skins, even if uninspired, there should be some of the older legacy content added as well which players could buy. For example, the event-exclusive Pariah Chroma for Nightbringer Yasuo could be a good touch, as well as the Deathrbinger Chroma for Lillia's skin. 

Unfortunately, Riot is very inconsistent when it comes to certain non-seasonal legacy content, with many skins, chromas and icons never making a comeback, unless you re-roll them or maybe receive the chroma in the Blue Essence Emporium, something which Riot hasn't held in a year and let's be real event-exclusive chromas also never appear in the Blue Essence Shop anyways...

While there are multiple new skins coming out in the next League of Legends patch, it seems that fans aren't feeling some of the choices that the skins team has made with these ones. Hopefully the release of the Inkshadow skins will live up to the hype. 

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