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LoL: When Is The Next Essence Emporium?

Guides 17-06-2024 15:58

The Blue Essence Emporium is one of the most sought after events in League of Legends, with a lot of free rewards. 

Blue Essence Lo L
This is more valuable than you might think. | © Riot Games

Did you guys know that your Blue Essence can have more worth than you might think? All those champions you've enchanted because they just weren't worth being in your inventory, and what can you even do with all this annoying Blue Essence? 

Well, two-times a year there is a sale in your League of Legends client with which you can finally get rid of some of that annoying Blue Essence without merely wasting it on new champions. That sale we're talking about is none other than the Essence Emporium. 


The Blue Essence Emporium Return Date

League of legends urfwick warwick skin
Get your Urfwick skin! | © Riot Games

The next Blue Essence Emporium is going to be taking place between May 30 and June 19, 2024. You'll be able to pick up some chromas and even a free Warwick skin, as well as a bunch of other goodies from the shop to spice up your League of Legends experience. 

What Is Essence Emporium? 

Poro Rider Sejuani
Check out everything you need to know about this event. | © Riot Games

As already, mentioned, Essence Emporium is a unique shop which is added to the League of Legends client every year. It makes an appearance two-times, once halfway through the season and another time at the end of the season. Essence Emporium was first introduced ahead of Season 8 in 2018. 

You can use your accumulated Blue Essence in this shop to get more than just champions, which is what you usually use Blue Essence for. So, if you've got some extra Blue Essence lying around and don't want to spend it uselessly on champions you won't play anyway, then this is a great opportunity for you to get icons, emotes and more. 

What Is Blue Essence? 

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Blue Essence is one of the currencies available in League of Legends. While you're able to purchase Champions with Riot Points — basically realy money — you can also use Blue Essence, which is much cheaper. Blue essence is often handed out in Champion Capsules, as well as Hextech Chests — when that happens, it's a real feelsbadman moment. 

Blue Essence is the currency easiest to attain in League of Legends, since disenchanting any champion will give you Blue Essence. Since you get a Champion Capsule every time you level up, you'll be disenchanting a lot of them and raking in the Blue Essence in your inventory. 

Where to See Blue Essence

Blue Essence is easy to spot in the League of Legends client. In the top right corner to the left of your icon, you'll be able to spot just how much RP you've got and under it also how much Blue Essence you have saved up. 

What Can You Buy In Essence Emporium? 

Marble Malphite
Get some chromas! | © Riot Games

There are multiple things players are able to purchase in the Essence Emporium sale. For those of you who have saved up a lot, you might even be able to purchase a skin. 

These are some content examples from previous years, though there could be some new things added in the coming Essence Emporium.

Urfwick Skin150.000 Blue Essence
Rune Page3.150 BLue Essence

Money Bags Emote

75.000 Blue Essence

Make it Rain Emote

50.000 Blue Essence
Essence Collector Ward6.000 Blue Essence
Mysery Ward Skin4.900 Blue Essence
Mysery Icon1.500 Blue Essence
Chromas2.000 Blue Essence

These are some of the items you'll be able to purchase in the Essence Emporium with all the Blue Essence you've saved up thanks to all the Champion Capsules. Hopefully you'll get a good new icon or ward skin. It is important to note, that you are guaranteed an emote or icon that you don't already own. 

On top of that, you can purchase a completely new cosmetic for your profile: The Blue Essence banner. It will be available for 250 000 BE. We know. Seems like a totally fair price! *sarcasm off*. Take a look below:

Blue Essence Banner
LoL: New Blue Essence Banner for the low price of 250 000 BE! | © SkinSpotlights

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until you can get something new in the Essence Emporium, but maybe Riot will have something fun planned in the future for us to use our blue essence? Seriously Riot... we have all the champions already.

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