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League of Legends: New Summer Event Trailer Teases Multiple Champion Skins

Skins 19-06-2024 16:20

Riot just revealed their first teaser for their upcoming Summer event. We're heading back to the Anima Squad universe and some champions can already be seen. 

Anima Squad Header
League of Legends: Who else is ready for the Anima Squad event? | © Riot Games

The next big summer event is around the corner for League of Legends fans, and this time around we're going back to the Anima Squad universe. Riot is already teasing the event with some fun footage, showing off champions and characters that will be receiving skins in this alternate universe. 

With the most recent teaser released, we got to hear some familiar voices, but which champions could be included in the skin line? 

League of Legends: New Teaser Reveals Champions For Anima Squad Event

Of course, at the beginning of the trailer, we see none other than Yuumi. 

That she would be getting a skin in this event has been one of the worst kept secrets. Riot revealed that Yuumi would be getting a prestige skin a while ago, and it was obvious it would be for the big summer event. But who else is in the video?

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Players could hear, and see a cute little "evil" shark emote for none other than Aatrox, which has fans believing that Aatrox will be getting a primordian skin in this batch. It's also been leaked that he might be getting a legendary skin, though that has not been confirmed yet. 

Not only will Aatrox be getting a skin, more champions could also be heard. Illaoi with a bear emote was also seen, so maybe a Battle Bear skin? A wolf and Yasuo's voice hinting at a Battle Wolf skin for him – and the boomer voice lines are also perfect. 

Is this thing even on? The darn blast door won't open... 
Battle Bunny Prime Riven
Who else do you want to see? | © Riot Games

Finally, Seraphine is also heard, and it seems she gets to be a commander in this universe rather than a mere pop singer. She was heard and seen with a small bird emote, which could mean that she is going to be a Battle Bird of some form. 

Fans predict these to be the first batch of skins to release with the Anima Squad event this year, but who else would you want to see on the Rift? 

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