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League of Legends: Data Shows Huge Disparity Between Chinese And Western Players

News 18-06-2024 16:45

Riot Phroxzon, lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, recently shared a new website where players can view the stats of Chinese solo queue. Some things are similar to the west, while others are very different. 

Porcelain Irelia
Some champs are more popular than others. | © Riot Games

Different regions have different play styles. That isn't something new, but until now, the way Chinese players played the game hasn't always been apparent to most. The fact that there weren't any reliable sites with data from the Chinese servers were one of the reasons. 

But recently, Riot Phroxzon, shared a stats site for Chinese player stats which has prompted some players to compare western and Chinese solo queue stats. While some champions had similar win, ban and pick rates, some were vastly different. 

League of Legends: Major Differences In Stats

One of the biggest differences was the ban rate of some champions. When looking at bot laners, the most banned ADC in the west – according to u.gg – is none other than Caitlyn, sitting at 30%. That, even with an abysmal 48% win rate. On the other hand, Samira seems to be every Chinese players' nemesis, with her ban rate sitting at 45%. 

The second most banned bot laner? Corki with a mere 24% ban rate in comparison. In the west Corki is on spot 7 with a ban rate of around 11% in the bot lane, which isn't too bad. 

Space Groove Samira
Samira is never to be seen in a LoL game in China. | © Riot Games

In China, another pretty popular pick seems to be Nasus who has an almost 9% pick rate with a win rate of well over 52%, making him one of the prime picks in the top lane. In the West, Nasus isn't bad per se, but he's got a 4% pick rate and a win rate of just over 50%. 

It's also quite interesting to see that in western games, Skarner is probably the most banned champion, with him holding a 32% ban rate overall, while he doesn't even show up in the top 10 for Chinese players. 

Overall, it's interesting to see just what champions seem to be popular in other servers, while also finding similarities. Kai'Sa is the most picked champion in both China and western servers, while champions like Bard, Ivern and Renata are quite unpopular and don't see much play time in either region as well. 

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