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League of Legends: 3 Champions To Counter Sett

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Sett is one of the most popular top laners, meaning you'll probably play against him quite often. But who should you pick into him if you see your opponent lock him in?

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League of Legends: How do you Counter Sett? | © Riot Games

Sett is one of the most popular top laners since his release. He's garnered a large player base and is easily one of the simplest champions to play, with a lot of fighting power and sustain. Sett is able to punch his way out of any sticky situation, on Summoner's Rift and in his lore. 

So, if you see the opponent pick this champion, what should you do? Well, there are some champions that even "The Boss" has a hard time going up against. So, make sure to have one of these champions ready when playing top lane. 

League of Legends: These Champions Counter Sett

3. Renekton

Renekton is heavily favored in the matchup against Sett. As Renekton you'll want to be aggressive from the beginning. Sure, Sett has a good early game due to his passive and his innate healing, but if you gain the upper hand from the beginning, then Sett will never be able to play his game, frustrating the opponent and meaning you'll get further ahead. 

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Since Renekton also has a lot more mobility than Sett. If the enemy uses his E to pull you in for an E+W combo to the face, you can escape it thanks to your own E ability. Just make sure to keep your trades short and sweet, since extended fights usually go in Sett's favor. But through these short trades you can deny Sett minions and therefore experience, gaining the upper hand even in the early game. 

2. Gangplank

Gangplank is another great pick into Sett. Of course, you need to be able to play Gangplank, and he is on the harder end of the League champion spectrum. You've got insane poke damage and range, which means that even if Sett wants to get close to you, you can simply put down a few barrels, blow them up and chunk him down. 

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Gangplank is so good into Sett. | © Riot Games

With Grasp of the Undying, as well as his Q, he can also deal a lot of damage, meaning Sett has no chance to walk up to you, or his minions. You're going to dominate the game and also scale much better than Sett will into the later stages, where every single hit on your end will be a crit. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with Gangplank into Sett. 

1. Akali

We've already touched upon it, but Sett is not a very mobile champion. He can run a bit faster at enemies with his Q, but that's literally about it. So, if you have a squishy and slippery top laner against him, then he likely won't be able to land a single one of his abilities, and therefore he won't be able to do... well... anything. 

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Akali is one of the best choices into Sett since she is a mobile and quick champion, she can go in and chunk him down, but then also escape really quickly again. Sett will win long extended fights, but if you go in for short bursts of damage, then he won't have a chance against you. 

Of course, there are other champions that can go up against Sett. Lillia is a great cheese pick and Irelia is also able to outmaneuver him, but the above three are probably the best options if you want to completely make a Sett mains day a living hell. 

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