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League of Legends Big Summer Event Skin Line & Champion Skin Tiers Leaked

Skins 24-05-2024 15:30

After Soul Fighter and Star Guardian, Riot has something new and big in store for everyone. This time it looks like we're going back to the Anima Squad universe. 

Battle Bunny Prime Riven
League of Legends: Anima Squad could be back. | © Riot Games

Each year, Riot holds a huge in-game event for League of Legends players. Last year, the Soul Fighter event took place, giving players a chance to battle their way to the top with a brand-new game mode, as well as client meta game. This year, we're going to be getting a brand-new PvE game mode

Now, leakers have also revealed which skin line could be the focal point of the event in 2024, and it looks like we could return to the Anima Squad universe. 

League of Legends: Is Anima Squad Returning? 

Anima Squad was introduced in 2022 with Miss Fortune getting a legendary skin and Riven's iconic Battle Bunny skin receiving an upgrade to Battle Bunny Prime. It seems like Riot might be returning to this world for the big Summer event.

Anima Squad Vayne and Sylas
Who else would fit into this AU? | © Riot Games

According to leaker BigBadBear, who also recently revealed the champions for the upcoming Faerie Court skin line, Anima Squad will be returning. According to him, we will be getting new Anima Squad skins, as well as skins for enemies even showing off some concept art. 

The concept art for the enemies in the Anima Squad universe, and for the enemy skins, would fit very well with the screenshot we've gotten of the upcoming PvE game mode as well, which makes this leak all the more believable. 

Potential Champions Getting Skins

Prestige Anima Squad Jinx
Another Battle Cat skin please? | © Riot Games

Of course, we also have to look at the champions that could get skins. Yuumi and Leona will definitely get skins for this event, with the two on the list for upcoming Prestige skins. They're both getting event prestige skins, so they will likely be a part of the skin line. 

Not only that, but it's also been confirmed that Seraphine is going to be getting a legendary skin for this event. She isn't the only legendary though. Aatrox should also be getting a legendary, though he will be of the opposing faction and an enemy to the Anima Squad. So get ready for a legendary Primordian Aatrox skin

Along with Seraphine and Aatrox, Zoe and the upcoming Freljordian champion should also be getting skins in this universe. Illaoi and Yasuo should also be on the list, though it is unsure whether they're going to be villains or part of the Anima Squad. All this information comes from a well-known leaker who has been right multiple times when it comes to upcoming skins and concepts. 

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