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League of Legends Skin Lines We Hope to See in 2023

Skins 28-12-2022 17:00
Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
Here are some skin lines we hope get revived in 2023. | © Riot Games

Riot has so many different skin lines for their mountain of champions. In 2022, we got to see some of our old favorites like Spirit Blossom and High Noon once more, but a few had been left on the wayside, but we hope they come back in 2023. 

With so many cool champions and unique looks, which skin lines are the ones you want to see back in action in 2023? 


LoL Skin Lines Riot Should Bring Back in 2023

3. Demacia Vice

Demacia Vice is a fun and unique skin line. Sure, it's only got two charcters in it, Lucian and Garen, but there is a lot of potential in this skin line for Riot to make something more out of it. The 80s cop aesthetic is hilarious and there can be a lot more done with the skin line, especially with Darius having been on the promotional poster for it and never getting his own skin in this AU. 

Demacia Vice Garen
It's fun and unique! | © Riot Games

With only two champions in this skin line thus far, Riot can create a much bigger and more inclusive universe taking tropes from various movies. Hell, add in some CSI: Miami vibes, all of it would go great and would make this hilarious skin line even better. 

2. Praetorian 

This is another skin line with only two skins in it. Sure, we've got more than our fair share of robot skins, but these aren't just regular robots or giant mechs. Instead, Riot took inspiration from the terminator and made these time travelling killer robots and that is just an insanely cool and different concept from all previous robot skins in LoL. 

Praetorian fiddle
The perfect Fiddlesticks skin! | © Riot Games

These skins came out back in 2018. It's been five years Riot, give us some more of these epic time travelling robot skins. The voice lines are also epic since it's just odd sounds since well... they're robots not sentient beings that just brings the whole fantasy of these skins to life. 

1. Shan Hai Scrolls

As you've guessed by the header image, a return of the Shan Hai Scrolls skins would also be a welcomed change. The splash arts were incredible for all these skins, setting themselves apart from any other skin line right off the bat. The in-game skins are also perfect and some of the best and most refreshing new skins in a long time. 

Overall, the Shan Hai Scrolls skins stand out from the rest and give fans something new and exciting. Sure, these skins came out back in 2021 so they aren't all that 'old' and it hasn't been that long, but with only four skins in total we could totally see some new skins in this universe... 

There are other skin lines we hope to see again, like Zombie vs Slayers instead of Bewitching, or even something like the Prehistoric Hunters getting some love again in 2023. The options are endless, but please Riot give Mundo a new skin.... it's been a while for the big guy. 

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