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The Ultimate LoL Tier List of All Skin Lines Released in 2022

Skins 25-12-2022 15:00
This is our Tierlist for all skin lines. | © Riftfeed/Riot Games

In 2022, we got a lot of skins in League of Legends. Some were brand-new skin lines with new stories and new thematics, while others have been brought back for us to enjoy once more. 

Now, which skins hit the mark and which ones didn't? This is the ultimate tier list of all the skin lines that were released in 2022. If you don't agree just make your own on tierlist maker thanks to @papuchochoe – but we know we're right so you can't change our mind on this tierlist. 


Ranking All Skin Lines of 2022

S-Tier: Fright Night, Worlds 2022, Ocean Song, Winterblessed

In the S-tier we have four skin lines and the crown jewels of 2022. The best skin line of the entire year, as voted by the Riftfeed staff was none other than Fright Night. Thanks to a fresh new take on Halloween and 'gothic' these skins completely won over everyone this year and rightfully take their place as the number one skin line of the year. 

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship skins which were released halfway through the year were also some of the best we have seen in a long time. The thematic is on-point, the champions were great and overall it's a solid skin line without a single skin lagging behind. 

A-Tier: Snow Moon, Spirit Blossom, Shockblade, Porcelain, Arcana

This year Riot brought back Spirit Blossom and while it wasn't a complete disaster like the Star Guardian skins, these skins also didn't amaze us as much as the first round of Spirit Blossom skins... but when is the sequel ever better than the first movie, right? 

Shockblade Qiyana
Qiyana and Shen look great in these skins. | © Riot Games

It was also nice for Riot to bring back Shockblade and do something in that universe since it is a unique thematic so we hope to see some more interesting skins in this AU as well in the future. Just don't over saturate it... please Riot. 

B-Tier: Bees, Empyrean, Ruined King Saga 2022, Space Groove

In the B-Tier we have the skins that didn't really wow us too much, but that were also well executed by Riot. These are solid skins with a good thematic or well... a bee thematic where you can't really go wrong with much to begin with anyway. These skins gave us what we thought we would get but didn't take it a step further. 

Nunu and Willump Bee Skin
These skins were cute. | © Riot Games

The Empyrean skins were extremely cool and were different from anything we'd seen before, but they still felt a bit lacking in comparison to other skins released this year, hence why we have put them in the B-Tier. Doesn't mean that the Pyke Pentakill animation isn't one of the coolest things we've seen. 

C-Tier: Ashen Knights, Crystal & Withered Rose, Elderwood, Firecracker, Eclipse, Bewitching, Star Guardian

Now we get into the hot takes of 2022. The C-Tier is for those skins that we had high hopes for and they either didn't bring what we wanted them to bring, or they were just completely and utterly forgettable. Seriously, does anyone even remember the Elderwood skins of 2022

Elderwood Rek Sai Splash
One of the first skins released in 2022. | © Riot Games

The Star Guardian skins were forgettable with only the legendaries even playing a role in the whole story and the event. The Eclipse skins were a mess with champions who are 'knights' wielding guns and well... do we even need to get started on the hot mess that the Ashen Knights skins became (other than Pyke)? 

F-Tier: Anima Squad, High Noon, Steel Valkyries, Monster Tamers, Zenith Games 

These are the skins of 2022 that we would not even spend RP on in our dreams. Sure, the thought behind them is cool, but the execution just wasn't there for most of these skins and they quickly became forgettable and overshadowed by the other skins released this year. 

Viktor High Noon
We forgot we even got High Noon skins this year... | © Riot Games

The Zenith Games skins were the worst of the year by far, with the champion choices odd and the design just plain boring. Overall, these skins didn't impress us and we're pretty sure they didn't impress the LoL community either. Monster Tamer is close behind them though, with most fans getting their hopes up when they were shown concept art back in 2021. 

So, this is the skin tier list of 2022. These are the best to the worst skin releases of 2022. While we had some good skins, there were also quite a lot of ones that didn't hit the mark. How will Riot continue in 2023? 

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