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High Noon Event when?

New High Noon Skins | Release Date, Champions & More

Skins 10-05-2022 20:07
High Noon Samira
Watch out for Samira! | © Riot Games

The Next League of Legends skins have been revealed by Riot Games. Yes, the EDG skins are leaked, but there are some more skins which will hit the rift in the next patch and those are all going to be part of the High Noon universe. 

So let's take a deep dive into the High Noon universe. Are there any legendary skins amongst the group? Which champions will join Irelia, Ashe and Jhin in this unique take on the wild west and demons vs. angels. 


Which Champions Will Get High Noon Skins in Patch 12.10? 

The High Noon skins have been cut up into two-halves. The first batch will hit the rift in Patch 12.9, but some of the more interesitng faces will only come in Patch 12.10 

  • High Noon Sion
  • High Noon Twitch
  • High Noon Viktor
  • High Noon Tahm Kench
  • High Noon Samira

A lot of these skins have leaked ahead already, but the fact that Sion isn't actually a train is a tad disappointing, not going to lie. 

Which Champions Will Get High Noon Skins in Patch 12.9?

There are five champions receiving High Noon skins. Our German colleague was especially excited about the Talon skin, ranting and raving about how excited he was to play some Talon again. Who are the other four champions getting High Noon skins in 2022 though? 

  • High Noon Mordekaiser
  • High Noon Talon
  • High Noon Varus
  • High Noon Leona
  • High Noon Katarina

Talon is also going to be receiving a Prestige Skin as well — which got my colleague even more hyped once more when he realized. So if you still have some money, then  you can pick that up as well if you didn't go for Eclipse Senna Prestige Edition. 

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Previous High Noon Skins in League of Legends

The High Noon Gothic universe is a big and extensive one. Unlike the previous skin patch where only Leona had Eclipse skins, this time we've got a boat load of champions that inhabit this world already. 

All Existing High Noon Skins

  • High Noon Ashe
  • High Noon Darius
  • High Noon Hecarim
  • High Noon Irelia
  • High Noon Jhin
  • High Noon Lucian
  • High Noon Senna
  • High Noon Thresh
  • High Noon Twisted Fate
  • High Noon Urgot
  • High Noon Yasuo 

Other Skins in the High Noon Gothic Universe

  • Bandito Fiddlesticks
  • Cowgirl Miss Fortune
  • Desperado Cassiopeia
  • Longhorn Alistar
  • Sandscourge Skarner
  • Sheriff Caitlyn
  • Sonoran Kog'Maw 
High Noon Twitch
Isn't he... cute? | © Riot Games

How Much Will the High Noon Skins Cost? 

The skins will be epic skins and cost 1350 RP. Of course, there is always the one exception and this time it is Leona who is receiving a legendary skin for 1820 RP. Honestly, Leona mains are thriving, getting 3 skins in 2021 and a legendary in 2022 already. Lucky you guys... Kayn mains can only dream. 


Will There Be A High Noon Event? 

With the inclusion of even more skins in 2022 for this skin line, it seems like we are going to have an in-client event. The Eclipse Event is nothing more than a few missions with which you're able to gain hextech chests and other small gifts like that. 

Leakers did reveal though ahead of time that High Noon will get their own event as well. This has not been confirmed yet, but we do think this is going to be very likely. With so many skins, it would suck not to have an event, right? 

When Will the High Noon Skins Be Released? 

These skins will be released in League of Legends Patch 12.9 which should drop on May 11, 2022. So, if you're not in the mood for the 2021 EDG Worlds skins — you're a DAMWON fan and salty about them winning — then you've still got skin options in this patch. 

The second half of the High Noon skins is going to be dropping in League of Legends Patch 12.10, which is going to be May 25, 2022. So, get ready for a huge update on durability, as well as these epic new skins. 

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