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These skins could be amazing if true!

League of Legends Skins For MSI Event Leaked

Skins 28-03-2023 16:55
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League of Legends: Master Yi is rumored to get a skin in the MSI event. | © Riot Games

Riot has been bringing out multiple new skin lines and they likely won't stop. Now, some leaks have revealed a few champions that could receive skins for the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational event, as well as what the skins will look like. 

Of course, these are just leaks, so nothing is set into stone, but we're believers and want to hope that these skins will become a reality. So let's go over the leaked information right now. 

League of Legends: MSI Event Skin Concepts Leaked

It feels like it's been ages since any skin leaks have made their way onto the internet. Instead, fans have had to make do with the unknown, and realizing that Riot has much better in-game events on other servers. But what skins have leaked, and what is the concept going to be?

Riot have previously revealed that for both the Mid-Season Invitational event, as well as the 2023 big Summer event, brand-new skin lines will make an appearance. 

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Now the concept of the upcoming MSI skins seems to have leaked by content creator BigBadBear. The skins will be a mix between Blood Moon and the Wild Rift skin line Supreme Cells. You don't play and have no clue about Wild Rift? Check out the Supreme Cells skins right here on our sister-website

The colour concept of Blood Moon and Supreme Cells, especially the Zed skin, fit perfectly with the colour of the MSI 2023 promotional material we have seen thus far as well, so there is more and more hope that these leaks could be true. 

MSI Concept Images Revealed

A few days after the initial leak of the MSI concept was revealed, some more skin concepts have also been leaked by BigBadBear on YouTube. It seems that the red and black aesthetic will play a key part and the skins seem to have some sort of Neo Tokyo vibe, which would fit into the initial reveal. 

Champions Receiving Skins For MSI 2023 Event

This is going to be a dark and gritty skin line and some of the champions getting skins seem to have already been revealed.

  • Udyr
  • Master Yi
  • Volibear
  • Kai'Sa

It is also rumoured that Yone could be getting a skin in this line as well. BigBadBear revealed that there has been talks of a big Yone skin getting released soon and the content creator believes that this skin line will be the one for Yone. 

In the leaked promotional images, we can also see a skin for Kai'Sa, as well as something that could look like either Yone or Shen, but with Shen having just gotten a mythic Ashen Knight skin, it would be more likely for Yone. 

Of course, these are just leaks, so nothing can be said with 100% accuracy yet, but BigBadBear has been right on multiple occasions regarding skin leaks. 

Release of MSI Event Skins

These skins should be released alongside the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational which is set to kick off on May 2, 2023. These skins will likely be added to live servers in LoL Patch 13.9 which should release on May 3, 2023. 

With skins always coming a day after the patch drops, expect this new skin line on May 4, 2023 and if you've got a PBE account you can start testing them on April 18, 2023. 

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