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The older wind brother is OP!

Five Reasons to Main Yone

Champions 05-02-2023 13:25
Dawnbringer Yone Skin
You guys should play some Yone. | © Riot Games

In 2020 Riot expanded Yasuo's lore and finally brought his older brother Yone into the game. The skirmisher/assassin, quickly became a staple in League of Legends solo queue and you've probably played against various Yone's before, so today we're going to tell you why you should give it a try. 

Yone is a fun champion and unlike any other one. So, what makes him so unique and fun to play? That's what we're going to go over today. So here are some reasons as to why you should become a Yone main right now. 


Why You Should Play Yone

1. His Versatile Kit 

Yone can be considered both an assassin and a skirmisher and by categorizing him into both of these Slayer subcategories, he's the only champion that can be considered both. That's thanks to his insanely versatile kit that has both burst damage, some crowd control and hybrid damage. 

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Those are just a few reasons why it's extremely hard to itemize against Yone, since he can do just about anything a skirmisher or assassin does, but squished into one champion. He's got three abilities dealing hybrid damage, his W deals a high amount of percent health damage and he's got three dashes in his kit thanks to his Q, E and ultimate. Seriously, this champion is so versatile and mobile it's insane. Why wouldn't you want to pick him up? 

2. His Solo Carry Potential

Now, we all know what a 0-10 Yasuo can do to a team, right? Well, Yone can do the same and much better than his younger brother can. We've already touched upon his hybrid damage and the amount of burst he's got, but even one good fight in the mid game and make Yone be the most important carry of any team composition once more. 

Yone can easily take a game into his own hands thanks to his abilities. He's also not as reliant on his team as his brother, who is also known as a great 1-vs-9 champion, thanks to the knockup in his own ultimate. This makes him extremely dangerous to anyone who faces him in the late and mid game. 

3. It's Impossible to Counter Yone

Yone deals all kinds of damage. We've mentioned the hybrid damage a bunch of times already, but that isn't all. There is much more to unpack when it comes to Yone. He also deals on-hit and spell damage equally. Combine this with the percentage max health and partial true damage – as well as his crit passive – makes him extremely hard to counter. 

Dark star mordekaiser
Not even Brazil can save you from Yone. | © Riot Games

Even juggernauts and tanks that usually have no problem going up against skirmishers or assassins and are meant to counter them will have a bad time the moment that Yone gets one or two kills under his belt. He's just going to shred through anyone who gets in his way. 

4. You Look Like A Mechanical God 

Yone players look like they're mechanical gods. He's a difficult champion to master, but extremely fun and flashy when it comes to gameplay. This makes him fun and interactive to play and will make you come back time and time again to show off more of the combos and skills you've gained by playing him. It feels satisfying to put time into Yone. 

Yone feels great to play. His abilities flow well together and there is nothing awkward about his kit overall. There are multiple combos that anyone can try out, and no matter what you're going to look like you've spent thousands of hours mastering Yone. 

5. Yone is Perfect for the Solo Queue Environment

Yone is perfect for solo queue. He's got everything in his kit which will let him 1-vs-9 against opponents. He won't need his team to help him out or set him up for sick plays, because Yone is a self-sufficient Ionian who doesn't need any team. 

The amount of damage, knock-ups and dashes he's got in his kit lets him start off fights without worrying about his team. If he's got a few kills under his belt already even better he's just going to get more fed. Sure, his favorite item got nerfed with less lifesteal, but he's still one of the flashiest and best 1-vs-9 champions in the game. 

So, what are you waiting for? Time to go out there and master Yone right this instance! You want to be able to counter Yasuo, right?

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