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LoL Community Furious After Reveal Of Second Mythic Variant

Skins 25-10-2023 16:55

Riot is adding more Mythic Variant skins to the game and the League of Legends community is reacting how you'd expect them. Will Riot ever listen to the demands of the larger player base or continue to cater to a small minority? 

True Damage Ekko mythic variant
LoL: Did we really need more Mythic Variants in League of Legends? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends community is sick and tired of the monetization strategy Riot has implemented throughout 2023. Adding more "exclusive" content, but also disregarding the players' feedback and complaints, only to barrel forward with their ideas. 

Adding a second Mythic Variant, will not make the player base happy and even if the company is trying to make it seem like they listened to player feedback, the majority of players don't seem to buy it. This time around Riot will be adding a Mythic Variant for True Damage Ekko – Breakout True Damage Ekko. 

LoL Players Feel That Riot Is Completely Out Of Touch With Community

When Riot revealed the Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin Mythic Variant, all hell broke lose. The skin, which was a glorified chroma, was probably the most hated piece of cosmetics that the company has released... ever and all due to the pseudo-gambling aspect behind it. 

Now, Riot is tackling the problem once more, but it seems they took none of the feedback from the community to heart and will continue with their monetization strategy, once again making it a gacha-skin for players to obtain through capsules. 

Players can purchase the Music-Capsule. Each capsule has a 1% chance of containing the Breakout True Damage Ekko "skin". If players do not receive the skin, then by the 30th capsule they open they're guaranteed to receive the skin thanks to the Capsule Milestone Showcase – though reaching this milestone would cost up to $200.

The majority of the feedback we ended up seeing was around lack of differentiation between Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin and the original Dark Cosmic Jhin. We felt like this was pretty fair criticism toward our intended stated goals with how we want to separate these skins while keeping them within theme.

The community has expressed on multiple social media outlets that this statement is the furthest thing from the truth, with most pointing out that the actual feedback was behind the monetization strategy Riot is implementing and this is not happening for Breakout True Damage Ekko. 

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One improvement coming with this next Mythic Variant showcase is reintroducing some Mythic Essence to the milestones. We learned that there’s a sizable group of people who aren't interested in completing a showcase track but do want to buy some capsules because they want to get a bit more Mythic Essence in between events.

The showcase will receive more mythic essence within the track, but other than that there are also no changes or adjustments being made this time around. 

Players feel that not only is this introducing gambling to League of Legends, but it's also taking the game in the wrong direction. Especially with more changes coming to monetization, which has players quite worried. In the blog post it was revealed that in December 2023, a broader discussion on monetization will be revealed. Does this mean a new skin tier or an increase in price for Epic Skins? 

For now, Riot doesn't seem to want to listen to the community and their dislike for the new skin strategy, especially since most feel that the Mythic Variants are just slightly better – or even the same – as 40 Mythic Essence Mythic Chromas which are available in the League of Legends shop. 

Where do you stand on this issue? Should people just ignore the gacha aspects of these skins or do they have a right to be upset over Riot making decisions like this? 

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