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Chinese LoL Players are getting fed good!

LoL Fans Furious Over Chinese-Exclusive Events and Loot

Skins 16-03-2023 20:25
Miss Fortune Broken Covenant Prestige
LoL players in China are getting all the good stuff, eh? | © Riot Games

League of Legends players on global servers were done dirty by Riot when it came to the Broken Covenant Showcase Event. Now fans are feeling even more frustrated after seeing the quality of the Chinese server and the content they are getting.

Not only is there a decent battle pass, but many other ways to earn loot from the Broken Covenant event, that players on global servers can only dream of. 

LoL: Chinese Server Battle Pass System Is Much Better Than That On Global Server

The Broken Covenant Showvase Event on global servers has been a hot mess, with free missions not shipping and leaving free to play players pretty frustrated. Add in the fact that global players have been asking and begging for an improved battle pass system and haven't gotten one just makes them even more frustrated. 

While the event seems to have been overlooked and forgotten on global servers, Chinese players will get a multitude of content from the Broken Covenant event on their server. 

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According to content creator BigBadBear, not only does the Battle Pass in China have 75 levels, there are also three different tracks you can do, depending on how much you paid for the battle pass. 

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There is also a free track with loot on multiple levels of the track. This has been something League of Legends fans have been asking for, for a long time, and instead, Riot still releases the token tracks with the loot shop on global servers, which has some fans frustrated. 

Not only do the rewards of the battle pass seem more enticing than the Showcase event rewards Riot put out for Broken Covenant, but each battle pass level also has exclusive looks for it's loot as well. 

These special loot cases can drop even more exclusive content as well according to BigBadBear. 

What has also seemed to be the final nail in the coffin is the fact that Prestige Broken Covenant Miss Fortune has also received her very own unique art on the Chinese server to celebrate the event. 

Overall, fans are pretty unhappy with the situation surrounding the Broken Covenant skins and event, especially when looking at how much is being added and done on the Chinese server, while the global server didn't even receive their free loot missions this time around. 

It also doesn't look like the Faerie Court Event is going to be any different from previous events, with it looking to just be a repeat of the Lunar Event that had previously ran in January. 

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